Mick Garris: hypocrite?

Fangoria is reporting that Mick Garris and Lionsgate have started a new horror series called Fear Itself

As you know, Showtime ditched Masters of Horror and Garris got Lionsgate to pick it up. When ABC did the Masters of Sci-fi thing, Garris distanced himself from the poor quality of the show specifically because it was on network television and the self-censorship that that entails, which is completely opposite of what the whole point of Masters of Horror is to begin with.

Now comes word that Fear Itself may very well be Masters of Horror, but repackaged for network television, in this case, NBC.

Is this a case of Garris “selling out”? Look, I’ll be the first person to say that horror doesn’t need to be chock full of nudity and gore to be scary. There are plenty of G and PG horror films that are great. But in this case, Garris seems to be changing the entire point of the Masters of Horror series (artists free to do whatever they want) and in light of his comments on the sci-fi version of MoH, he looks a little cheap, in my opinion.  One thing’s for sure, Garris didn’t improve his standing in the horror community any (what little support there was to begin with).

Dexter: Season 2 this weekend


Any self-respecting horror fan should checkout Showtime’s awesome show Dexter which has its second season premiere this Sunday. The series centers around a serial killer named, you guessed it, Dexter who happens to work for the police. His specialty? Figuring out blood spatter patterns and taking out the other serial killer garbage in Miami (separate note: is Miami the new L.A.? It seems like every tv show takes place in Miami now). The first season revolves around Dexter understanding his past and dealing with the Ice Truck Killer. The first season is out on DVD right now. Do yourself a favor and stick it in your Netflix queue.