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Monthly Archives: October 2007

The Big Red Monster

Deejay e-mailed me some pics of this strange brew he was imbibing during the recording session for Splattercast #50. How can you resist a bottle of booze with some crazy painting of a big red monster on the label? I’d hit it!  

Happy Halloween from Deadlantern.com

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Angry Video Game Nerd: Halloween Edition

That was the poopyman!

Halloween: lost footage petition?

Arrow in the Head is reporting on this site, where there’s an online petition requesting to get the lost footage from Halloween on the 30th anniversary DVD. I’m not going to sign this. Not because I’m not interested in seeing it (it will all end up online anyway if this is successful), but because I […]

30 Days of Suck in 2-D

30 Days of Night was pretty cool….until they showed the vampires. This movie blows and seriously, the head vampire was the most non-frightening vampire since Zandor Vorkov. He reminded me of a gothic cross-eyed Russian hobo. I’m still wondering why the vampires didn’t just knock out all the generators that were apparently being used to […]