Halloween: lost footage petition?

Arrow in the Head is reporting on this site, where there’s an online petition requesting to get the lost footage from Halloween on the 30th anniversary DVD.

I’m not going to sign this. Not because I’m not interested in seeing it (it will all end up online anyway if this is successful), but because I have no desire to buy another fricking special edition of Halloween. When Anchor Bay was still around (what is it, Starz now or something stupid like that?), this, along with the Evil Dead movies, seemed to be the only way they made money. It was almost as if they had to rely on the quintriple-dip in order to break even each year for all the Dead Heat‘s they would print.

Anyways, this will be my last post for a while. Getting internet disconnected tomorrow so I’ll be braving the wilds of life without net access for at least a week, maybe longer. Hopefully Steve doesn’t doesn’t fill the site up with Carnosaur editorials while I’m away 🙂

30 Days of Suck in 2-D

30 Days of Night was pretty cool….until they showed the vampires. This movie blows and seriously, the head vampire was the most non-frightening vampire since Zandor Vorkov. He reminded me of a gothic cross-eyed Russian hobo. I’m still wondering why the vampires didn’t just knock out all the generators that were apparently being used to light up the entire town like a Christmas tree?

Continuing my sucky horror movie night, I caught Night of the Living Dead 3-D, in glorious 2-D because the DVD doesn’t come in 3-D apparently, and it is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m talking Children of the Living Dead bad. Expect a review soon. On the DVD extras, the director said the found out Dead was in the public domain so they decided to do a remake. For the love of Romero, don’t see this movie. Sid Haig, shame on you.

Steve, you and I must get to work on a Night remake.

Keep it in your pants…

We just finished our recording session for Splattercast #50 and it’s definitely an epic episode, probably our longest show ever. Mat’s interview with director Uwe Boll went beautifully and is definitely worth listening to. I have some editing work to do on the audio, so the episode will probably be posted later tomorrow night.

I appreciate your patience and hope you have as much fun listening to Splattercast #50 as we had making it!

Splattercast #50: Our exclusive interview with Uwe Boll

I just got finished doing an awesome interview with Uwe Boll which you can hear later tonight on Splattercast #50. Mr. Boll was gracious enough to take an hour out of his busy schedule (in Vancouver) and was totally cordial and a really cool interview. I think a lot of listeners will have at least a better appreciation of him after hearing what he has to say, and I guarantee you, some of it will be surprising.

To give you an idea of how awesome Boll was during the interview: we had planned on only doing a 20-30 minute interview, mostly because it’s 11 in the morning where he is at. We had numerous issues with Skype kicking us out out of our conversation because some glitch occurs where everytime someone calls his house, Skype kicks him offline. This happened 6 times during the interview, and rather than get frustrated by it, he took it with a laugh and I’ve included those segments in the final interview because I think they’re cool. We ended up spending an hour on the “phone” together for what amounted to a 40 minute interview.

Much thanks go out to Mr. Boll for his patience and his great demeanor. I hope you all like the interview, I sure did!