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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Zombie Cockroaches!

Splattercast #55 is going to be a (probably) super long Zombie Themed episode. I’ve been trying to struggle through the film Zombie Brigade, but this piece of real life news is pretty neat. What happens is that this species of wasp stings cockroaches directly into their brains and the venom allows them to “control” the […]

Sweeney Todd: Oscar-caliber?

Sweeney Todd looks really cool. I’m not the biggest Tim Burton fan, but I love the musical and Johnny Depp is pretty much awesome in everything he does. I saw this article and was sort of taken aback. Possible Oscar material? I can see maybe for art direction or something, but I wasn’t really thinking […]

The Horror Film Explosion of the past 15 years

Here’s an interesting investigation done by Marco Lanzagorta that charts worldwide horror film releases by decade. His investigation only uses the Internet Movie Database to chart general trends of the genre, but it is interesting to think about. A particularly interesting piece of information quoted in the article: “during the ‘60s only about 35 percent […]

Women of Horror #27: Karena Lam

Some films: Inner Senses (2002), Koma (2004), Silk (2006)

John Carpenter’s horror western

Shock Till You Drop has an exclusive about the latest John Carpenter flick Skin and Bones. As most of you probably know, Masters of Horror was dropped by Showtime (Still not sure why since I heard it was their second highest rated show at the time?) and Mick Garris renamed the show Fear Itself and […]