Zombie Cockroaches!


Splattercast #55 is going to be a (probably) super long Zombie Themed episode. I’ve been trying to struggle through the film Zombie Brigade, but this piece of real life news is pretty neat. What happens is that this species of wasp stings cockroaches directly into their brains and the venom allows them to “control” the roach while leading it by its antennas towards hungry wasp larvae.

I’ve already got a movie idea. Scientists experimenting genetically on wasps with a new toxin cause them to mutate and they escape the laboratory. As they multiply, to keep humans busy, they use their giant stingers to pierce peoples’ skulls, thus killing them. The new toxin recharges the dead humans, turning them into a zombie army for the wasps. Zombies fight the ground troops, the wasps take on the air power as it becomes a battle for the world!

C’mon, that would kick ass to watch, right?



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  1. I’m a Animal Planet/Discovery Channel whore, so the wasp is old news to me. HOWEVER, that is a pretty spiffy movie idea in that 50s style campyness. And i mean that in the best way ^.^

  2. Dude, not to seem picky, but get the facts right before you post this stuff- the wasp leads the roach to a suitable burrow/nest etc and then lays an egg on it, which then develops into a larva that eats it alive; it does not lead it “towards hungry wasp larvae”. By the way, some related trivia for all you fellow sickos: the Alien and chest-bursting stuff was based upon other real-life parasitoid wasps like these nasties, but originally used in sci-fi by a far deadlier many-armed entity in A.E. Van Vogt’s awesome 1950’s story “Nightmare in Scarlet”, which he later incorporated into “The Voyage of the Space Beagle”. Van Vogt apparently sued Ridley Scott for stealing his idea, and won his case. But it made no difference, because the Alien movie is far better known, made millions, and now everyone mistakenly assumes the chest-bursting stuff is Scott’s idea. If you have a good idea for a cheesy movie that might make $$$, keep it secret, mate- you might get ripped off by some clever bastard like me 😉

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