Regular Updates are Here Again

This is just a reminder that now that the holiday grind is dissipating, we’ll be back with regular posts and reviews so all of you who are going nuts and have entered therapy due to the lack of regular updates to your bookmarked Deadlantern site can tell your doctor you won’t need that Prozac prescription refilled (or maybe you will…).

The New Year is going to bring lots of great things:

1. Super Smash Casters: Wherein a hopefully large contingency of horror podcasters trash talk each other every week in a Fantasy Football type tournament of online Smash Bros. Brawl gaming goodness. The winner will be crowned the best horror podcast, and since Steve  happens to be on our team, we’re pretty much guaranteed to win 🙂 Look for more information about this in the near future as well as the different podcasts that will be involved.

2. Outpost Doom:  We like to make movies. We’re going to make this one beginning in May. It’s going to kick your ass. What’s it about? I hear there’s some sort of diary floating around somewhere…

3. The Grand Horror DVD:  It’s coming soon. I think. I hope. Maybe. We’ll see 🙂

4. Multimedia Section: Verdict is still out on this. It all depends on whether or not I’ve got the time. The idea is that this will consist of short 2-3 minute “factoids” and clips of old horror movies, hosted by yours truly. Like I said.

5.  Dead Politics: Some of you might care, most of you probably won’t, but the global entertainment empire that is Deadlantern is branching off into a political podcast . This is a weekly show and expect things to get a little heated as the election gets nearer and nearer.

6. Splattercast:  We hope to ratchet up the quality of the show with more history, themes, Drunken Deejay Diatribes and possibly score more interviews.

And you never know, there could be all kinds of other strange and wonderful things popping up in 2008. We hope you’ll continue to visit. Look for my Top 10 Favorite Flicks of 2007 on New Year’s Day.

Splattercast #58


Splattercast #58 has been uploaded.

I’m truly sorry, but I screwed up the recording session for this episode and a lot of the episode is badly distorted. It goes back and forth from being perfectly clear to having a nasty buzz on it. I considered not posting it at all due to the poor quality, but Mat and Steve spent their time on Christmas Day making this episode and I wanted to have something to show for it.

If you can’t stand to listen to the fuzzy audio, here’s a quick summary of the episode: The new Aliens vs Predator flick is a big disappointment.

Thanks for your understanding!

Some review stats


A couple weeks ago Steve and Mat were asking me what our total review count was at. I just went into the database and crunched some numbers to pull out that information, along with some other stats.

I should note that if you start double-checking me, some of my figures won’t add up. This is because I designed the database to not be very strict. So Mat can rate Hell of the Living Dead as “An Inescapable Abyss out of 10” and Steve can rate Zombie 5: Killing Birds as “negative infinity minus 1 out of 10” – and it’s good for some laughs but I can’t really do math on those reviews. So little things like that will throw off the stats slightly but it’s not like we’re doing brain surgery here, I don’t think it will matter too much.

So, here are some numbers pulled from our reviews database…

We currently have 557 reviews: 453 movie, 43 game, 33 book and 28 music.

Mat leads the pack with 316 reviews, Steve has 101, I have 24, Brady has 12 and Sleepycast co-host Ronin has 9. Carlin also has 9, but the most important contribution he’s made has been this one. Oh, and some guy named Adam has 34. I have no recollection of this dude, but shout-outs to him for contributing back in the day.

Site-wide, the average score of our movie reviews is a 4.4 out of ten. By reviewer, Mat on average gives a movie a 3.7, Steve a 4.9, Brady a 4.5 and I’m more generous with a 6.9 average.

A breakdown of number of movies by score is as follows, with fractional scores rounded down (so a 4.5 review score is reflected in the 4 figure)…

0: 23
1: 32
2: 42
3: 38
4: 43
5: 34
6: 49
7: 83
8: 61
9: 39
10: 6

The six 10’s were given by Mat (Predator, Aliens, Robot Monster) and Adam (The Shawshank Redemption, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Shaun of the Dead)

Spin-off podcast: Dead Politics


Mat and I along with a couple of the other Dead Lantern fellas are going to take a swing at doing a political podcast. We love and respect our Dead Lantern readers and our Splattercast fans and we realize you may have zero interest in our political commentary, so we’re not going to put a lot of political stuff here on the main Dead Lantern site.

I’ve set up a separate sub-site for our political podcast:, so you can go there to listen to the show. We’ve got a variety of different viewpoints and we’re hoping to put together a fun show.