Splattercast #58


Splattercast #58 has been uploaded.

I’m truly sorry, but I screwed up the recording session for this episode and a lot of the episode is badly distorted. It goes back and forth from being perfectly clear to having a nasty buzz on it. I considered not posting it at all due to the poor quality, but Mat and Steve spent their time on Christmas Day making this episode and I wanted to have something to show for it.

If you can’t stand to listen to the fuzzy audio, here’s a quick summary of the episode: The new Aliens vs Predator flick is a big disappointment.

Thanks for your understanding!



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  1. That sucks that the mic didn’t work right. Still, I had fun and the episode is half listenable, so no need to apologize 🙂

  2. I think I turned the software “gain” up too high or something? I’ll have to consult with Amos & Deejay since I’m sure they’d probably have some idea of what happened.

    For the portions where it isn’t buzzing, I’d say it worked really well – for what it’s worth 😀

  3. Um… it was pretty late? We were all mesmerized by Steve’s Transformers collection?

    Logic goes out the window – but thanks for toughing it out through my screwed-up recording!

  4. Steve’s toy collection is quite impressive. Out doing even my own. Now, time for me to nerd out, being a huge Alien and Predator fan: Steve made the comment that Jean Claude Van Damme played the predator in the first film. Kevin Peter Hall played the predator in the first two movies. Now, JCVD was GOING to play the predator, even did a few screen test in the original predator suit. He then decided not to do the role after he saw how stupid that first designed predator suit looked. The suit was redesigned by the Stan Winston Creature shop after Arnold Schwarzenegger recommended them (they did The Terminator). Kevin Peter Hall also played our favorite Bigfoot in ‘Harry And The Henderson’. I can also explain the origin of the Predator’s mandibles. ^.^

  5. “I can also explain the origin of the Predator’s mandibles”

    By all means, please share!

    I love me some Van Damage, too bad he passed on this role!

  6. Ghostbusters reference! The mandibles is a much shorter story. After Stan Winston signed on to do Predator, he and James Cameron were on a plane to Japan for some odd reason (i can’t remember it now). Has Stan was doing some sketches for Predator, James leaned over, looked at the pictures and said “You know, I’ve always wanted to see something with mandibles.” And there you have it.

  7. “…he and James Cameron were on a plane to Japan for some odd reason (i can’t remember it now).”

    Probably going to pick up some hentai.

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