WPTG updated

I have posted the popular Freddy meets Chris Hansen comic over at Whistling Past The Graveyard. Again, credit goes to Kingmob for the original idea; I just cranked out a quick Photoshop gag.

In case you didn’t know, Whistling Past The Graveyard is our much-neglected webcomic site. It’s only been updated a handful of times. I suppose I could pretty much just scrap WPTG and post any comic ideas we have here on the main Dead Lantern site; that would be easier for everyone.

I think my problem is that I’m just really in love with that domain name, so I want to keep something up there 😀

Chris Hansen Meets Freddy

I just had to throw this up on the main page because of its sheer awesomeness. Special thanks go to Kingmob for the idea, and Jeff for creating the visual.

The context of this involves us discussing the proposed ANOES remake on the forum. Kingmob posted the quote of the day:

“Maybe they can just modernize the thing all the way around and have Chris Hansen and the Dateline team luring a pre-burning Freddy to a remote house while some kid’s parents are allegedly on vacation.”

I’m sure this will be showing up shortly over at Whistling Past the Graveyard.

Splatcademy Awards (The Spooky’s)


Hopefully, the trophies we give out will be much cooler than this ugly graphic I crafted in a two minute Paint session (I’m no graphic designer; sue me). In any event, I wanted some kind of visual for our big event next month, so what you see to your left is what you get. I know all of you are eagerly anticipating the 1st Annual Splatcademy Awards wherein we give out, rather than Oscar’s, Spooky’s (which will hopefully be paper mache awesomeness created by Deejay). If all goes well we’ll have all the glitz and glam of a normal Academy Awards telecast…only in audio podcast format 🙂 So what are the categories? Glad you asked. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

  • Best Horror Picture of the Year
  • Achievement in Directing
  • Performance by an Actor
  • Performance by an Actress
  • Achievement in Cinematography
  • Achievement in Makeup
  • Achievement in Visual Effects
  • Best Foreign Language Horror Film of the Year
  • Adapted/Original Screenplay
  • Achievement in Sound/Score
  • Lifetime Horror Achievement Award

And then the fun stuff

  • Best Death Scene
  • Best Villian
  • Achievement in Breasts
  • Best No-to-Low Budget Horror Film
  • Scariest Scene/Moment
  • Best Horror Podcast Not Named the Splattercast
  • Best Horror Blog/Website
  • Scream Queen of the Year

So there you have it folks, the categories for the 1st Annual Splatcademy Awards. We are open to suggestions and by all means if you think you know of some great performances, films, moments, titties, etc. then drop us a comment and we’ll be more than happy to take them under advisement. The nominees are currently being decided upon and as of Sunday night we’ll have (hopefully) the full list ready to be unveiled on next week’s Splattercast. We’ll then be opening the voting to the public for one week and will unveil the winners in our red carpet ceremony on Monday, February 25th.

So send those recommendations and prepare yourself for horror podcasting history (I think) with the first ever (I hope so, at least) Academy Awards for Horror!

P.S. I didn’t mean to bump down Jeff’s post, but you can listen to our Ramboriffic Splattercast 63 right here.

P.S.S. Did you know that that’s really what Spooky looks like? I tried my best to capture the scariness of Spooky in that graphic. All that bleeding gets sort of annoying though, and what’s with the yellow light coming out of his body?