The Splatcademy Awards. Listen and rejoice.


It’s here. Bask in the glory that is Splattercast #67.

There were lots of great Podcasters who helped out with this show. Listen to them:

B-Movie Cast
Bloodtype Online
Destroy The Brain
Drunken Zombie
Mail Order Zombie
Midnight Podcast
Nightmare Revue
Obscure 80’s Podcast



7 Responses

  1. We had a blast making this episode, and the audio contributions from all of the other podcasters really made the show stand out. Many thanks to them!

  2. Our engineer Spooky McPhee will look into this later today on his haunted lunch break.

    I think that the sensible thing to do here is to blame the Drunken Zombie guys and take no responsibility ourselves.

  3. I was just going to say that something was wrong with the ‘best villain” category, the audio kept repeating and I didn’t hear the nominees. But Dr. Claw sounded cool! ^_^ I’m still listening to it and it is great so far!

  4. great awards show but one shenanigans, why was Sunshine in theses awards? Isn’t that more of a Sci-fi movie than a horror movie? I haven’t seen it yet but I was just wondering about that. I can’t wait for next years awards ^_^

  5. Sunshine is a sort of sci-fi horror hybrid. I’ve called it a quasi-re imagining of Event Horizon. The last third of the film is essentially a slasher film. I think it has enough horror elements in it to warrant inclusion. Besides, gotta throw a little variety in 🙂

  6. And the Official winners of the Sleepy Cast “Best Award Presenter” are….Drunken Zombie, Nightmare Revue, and Deejay. That Nightmare Revue one was awesome. And now…Guns and Roses.

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