Monday Morning Music #2

It’s time to wake up.


Placebo. The Bitter End.

Bonus Rock courtesy of Frank Zanzibar Rose of The Sleepy Cast


Hum. Iron Clad Lou.

Got a great rock tune that you’d like to see featured in this segment? I admit to being a complete novice when it comes to music. So if you have a great band or song that you think I should post, send me an e-mail at The only requirement is that it rocks. No ballads here!



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  1. …..The Bitter End is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONGS!…EVER!

    “You showered me with lullabies, as you’re walking away…reminds me that it’s killing time on this fateful day.”

  2. Damn, great stuff so far. I wish HUM would get back together. 🙁

    ROCK ON PLACEBO. I think they’re the only ’emo’ considered band I like.

  3. Awesome! Some Placebo in the morning definitely helps 😉 I saw them live this past summer and they were awesome, I’m slowly getting into their back catalog.

    Muse is another great band, check them out. 😀

  4. “Muse is a great band, check them out”

    I think the only thing I’ve ever heard of them is the song on the new Guitar Hero.

    Any particular song by them that I should check out?

  5. Muse is great……for thethuthinnang you should check out Hums side Project called Centaur its not to shabby they only have one album though….Matt Talbot the lead singer formed the band after his son died…So its a little emotional and about the loss of his son and him and his wife dealing with his sons death not a bad album at all though.

  6. @MaT for Muse check out ‘Starlight’, ‘Butterflies and Hurricanes’, ‘Times Is Running Out’, ‘Hysteria’ (rocks your balls off!), ‘Apocalypse Please’ (this song was in the first 30 Days of Night trailer). Those are some songs to start you off 😉

  7. Wow…so many songs from Muse….

    Their cover of “House of the Rising Sun” is fantastic….

    Sing for Absolution, Hysteria, Apocalypse Please!!!

    I really can go on and on…trust me.

    Vast is an AMAZING group…amazing.

    Another great band is Abandoned Pools…”The Remedy”…brillant….

  8. Muse: The lead singer’s voice makes me want to shoot myself.

    These guys are really popular? I didn’t like any of those songs. 🙁

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