Splattercast #72: This episode is our best yet! (April Fool's!)

Splattercast #72

Every once in a while, a podcast has an off day. Technical difficulties throw everyone off their game, a lack of structure causes long awkward pauses, and every joke just falls flat. Unfortunately, that seems to happen to us every week. This week was especially bad, but luckily, it’s only 50 minutes long so you won’t have to suffer through it as long as you normally do. This week, we review the original April Fool’s Day as well as the recent re-gurgitation. To fill time, we read lots of DVD releases. And uh…that’s about it. Oh yeah, you should of our movie.



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  1. Yeah, gotta roll with the punches.

    I blame my wi-fi. I think I’m gonna snake a long network cable the length of my apartment so I’m wired next time 😛

  2. hahahah it was a great show full of foul ups and all lol……I like Steve’s idea for what was the first full naked women you ever saw……that would make for a great topic i think hahah

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