Outpost Doom Weekend #2

Starts tonight. 3, possibly more, scenes being shot this weekend. Look for another production journal next week as well as a full report on what went down this weekend.

let’s hope this weekend goes as well as the first



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  1. Awesome! Hope everything goes smoothly. It’d be funny if you had to incorporate the barn swallows in some way like you did with the plastic. I thought the plastic was great.

  2. Hah! I’m glad you posted this so early because there is already a problem we’ll have to discuss on the way to Aurora….

  3. This past weekend was my first time ever working on one of Mat’s films (I think I had a chance to be in “A Ripper Runs Through It” back in high school, but turned it down).

    It went pretty well. We at least got through what was on the schedule, so I call that a win.

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