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  1. How nice! One of the essential twisted stories or morbid jokes related to speleology as manga comics! Even by the outstanding Japanese mangakas! Master Junji Ito cursed me again as is charming me for 20+ years 🙂 Since I am speleologist I love holes (caves in fact :-)The situation of feeling rock all around is something very usual (and exciting) for me. Perhaps there came a day and I will find the certain hole made for me 🙂

  2. I am FRIGHTENED! I’m supposed to be doing caving as part of my training too so this has freaked me a little… But it was gooood.

  3. and to think i was claustrophobic before. XD man, junji ito never fails to dissapoint. i’ve read tomie, uzumaki, gyo, The Enigma of Amigara Fault, and the sad tale of the pillar. and this is my favorite, with uzumaki as a CLOSE second. XD

  4. wow… after reading thing that drifted ashore and this one where awesome.. i love the eeriness coming from natural unknown.. just when i thought shintaro kago was my end all favorite guro artist..

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