Horror History #1: The Twilight Zone Movie Tragedy

Many horror fans have probably heard of the gruesome on-set decapitation deaths of Vic Morrow and two child actors while filming Twilight Zone: The Movie. What you might not know is that John Landis went on trial…and should have been convicted of manslaughter. It’s a fascinating story and if you aren’t familiar with it, then check out this site for the full scoop.



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  1. That’s such an upsetting, disturbing story. I don’t like watching The Twilight Zone because of this.

    Not to mention that the movie sucks even without the tragic deaths.

  2. I saw that footage in the mid 90s on a compilation tape called Death Scenes 2. They showed more angles than that YouTube, and a little clearer. There’s one shot from higher up and in front where you can better see the moment of impact. The tape even does a repeat frame-by-frame. It’s all a spash and blur but you can tell what happened. The other angles look like the helecopter just fell on top of them, but it didn’t.

    Lost a night of sleep watching that stuff.

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