A warning in advance…

Episode 85 of the Splattercast is terrible. No prep, no talk of horror. Just random nonsense.

My apologies to anybody that Deejay offends in this episode (and there will be many).

We’re not shooting Outpost Doom next weekend so we’ll be back with a full show of prep spotlighting the Species flicks.



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  1. I think at some point using the word “offends” with Deejay should just be dropped…I’ve never found him “offensive” just pointless to listen to and thus ignore or turn things off such as the belching and don’t bother. Offends almost sounds like trying to give him street cred along with Don Imus or Howard Stern, and more or less a promotion of said behavior.

  2. I think we should replace the word “offensive” with the word “deejay”.

    Ex: “When you pissed out the window, I found that deejay!”

  3. In fairness to the other guys, I have been begging off a lot lately (too much going on, can’t get ahold of movies, etc).

    …that said… why does it always go pear-shaped when I’m not there?

    I hope I can make the next one. Although I may be locked in my basement, wild-eyed, cobbling together some “Anti-Mat” M:TG decks. That white deck must die!

  4. Mooly is a derogatory term towards black people, used in reference to saying that their skin is black like an eggplant and or can be swapped with nigger and porch monkey. Not really sure what calling me a mooly meant….just stating, with all the internet and vast masses of media and entertainment at my fingertips, why would I waste my time listening to some random dude burp in my ear and applaud that as him being edgy and trying to shock and be “offensive?”

  5. I would listen before you judge. He says some pretty specifically offensive things, particularly about the gays.

  6. That’s the SleepyCast boys chiming in. They say “mooly” all the time, and their show is about 10x more offensive than Deejay on an average day.

    These past few weekends when we’ve all been hanging out again, I think Deejay’s having a minor identity crisis. Does he want to continue with the wildman persona he’s built over the years? Or would he rather be taken a bit more seriously? Some of us are hitting that “I don’t wanna grow up” stage.

    It’s all inside baseball to the listeners, I realize; but to me it’s a pretty fascinating phenomenon 🙂

  7. Already apologized about the belching. Wasn’t trying to make a statement just handed to be filled with air and needed a way for it to escape.

  8. Well Arson I don’t use mooly in that manner if you ever listened to our cast which I’m sure you are to PC to do…

    I agree about the burping. It did get a tad annoying but the man said he was sorry.

    but i get tired of hearing people whine and complain cause they have no sense of humor life is taken far to serious you would be a lot happier if you’d burp in life’s face . or something like that. I think we all take ourselves to serious. So lighten the fuck up.

  9. I’m so laid-back that I won’t even correct Frank’s maddeningly bad spelling.

    To. Too. Two.

    Three different words there, homie 🙂

    But like I said… I won’t nitpick about it…

  10. Anyone on the internet who properly spells “a lot” as two words is okay by me. Unless they’re burping in Life’s face of course. Or MaT’s, whichever.

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