Splattercast 89

Episode’s up.

As I was reading the comments in the previous post about a web-comic, a thought occurred to me: why not do a comic of A Ripper Runs Through It?

ARRTI is the little seen, yet legendary 1st film by Dead Lantern Pictures (known at that time as “gotta get this crap done for my Art project that is due on Monday”). It was shot over a weekend way back in 1999, when we were wee little tykes and after a single screening to a confused, and possibly mortified High School Art Instructor, it was seemingly lost forever. It’s our version of The Werewolf.

Time went by, with ARRTI seemingly lost to the ravages of time. Then, seemingly by an act of divine intervention, some “missing reels” (also known as VHS tapes) were discovered. They contained nearly all of the lost footage and behind the scenes mayhem that went into the making of the 15 minute tale of terror. The film was then meticulously pieced together from surviving materials and sent to Steve, who then reviewed the film for this website.

Since that time, ARRTI has never seen the light of day. Its lone appearance on the silver screen, shown to the guest list before the premiere of The Grand Horror, ended with a corrupt file computer crash 2 minutes into the movie. Will ARRTI ever be seen by anyone other than Steve? Only time will tell…

In the meantime, it could be mined for gold as a web-comic.



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  1. I’m so glad Mat can tweak splattercasts before posting. I would have felt so bad if I had spoiled all our hard work on OD.

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