Boss DJ ain’t nothin’ but a man.

I guess I’ll do a rebuttal, of sorts. Well, not even a rebuttal… more like an observation… It’s appearing to me that a lot of people are making way too big an emotional investment in Senator Obama. People are actually believing this guy. Which is fine, I guess… but the disappointment is going to be crushing if he loses because people are getting so tied up in his “hope” shtick. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still believe he’s probably going to win – everything is cyclical and it’s time for things to shift, so the Democrats are well-positioned to make big gains in November.

Still, he might not win. He might lose on substance and real issues. I’m really curious to see what the reaction would be. Will the sycophants be capable of considering the notion that a majority simply didn’t buy this platform? If this is his speech, well… it kinda sucks. If the tagline of his speech is really “We are a better country than this,” well, he can kiss my ass.

Mat, we may need to do a couple Dead Politics “election special” episodes over the next couple months!



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  1. I’m at work right now on double time, and here is what i think: Screw you DNC! These green bastards are flying in thousands of privet jets, and have the nerve to stop Down town traffic for the night just because!

    “I wanna help you.” By what? double your single day gas use all across Denver? Slowing Public transportation to a crawl? O wait i know, by giving the homeless and the poor tickets to the zoo and rounding them up like animals in buses so they don’t have to look at the EYE SORE?

    the $45 million would have been better deportation. You pricks.

  2. It was actually more disturbing than a Greek temple. The screaming crowd, crying women, and the giant screens showing his face… it was like some dystopian thing going on there.


  3. Heh, now let’s hear what the robots on the “right” have to say. Might be nice to hear them start with an “I’m sorry”. 😉

  4. Not to mention the countless celebrity appearances. The presence of big Hollywood faces just gives off a Babylonian air of decadence, which isn’t hard given the stage.

  5. Oh man, as long as he keeps us in Iraq! As long as schools still suck. As long as our economy is fucked and the rich don’t have to pay a propotionate amount of taxes! As long as we still don’t have nationalized healthcare! It’s just politics right? No reason to get emotionally invested in changing a broken system, right? Let’s not get worked up about it. Life will be awesome with 10 more years in Iraq, a president who dies of McCancer after 2 years in office and an inexperienced gun-nut, pro-life, anti-gay Governor of a state with a lower population than Long Beach taking over. SHE’S GONNA MAKE IT ALL BETTER! She knows what it’s like for the Middle and Lower classes! She comes from the ghettos of Alaska!

    Yeah, fuck those granola eating queers and their call to action! They can keep their celebrity friends! All we need is Mel Gibson.

    You fucking people probably don’t even vote. From the sound of it, I’m glad you don’t.

  6. And yes, that speech was life changing. If you didn’t get choked up towards the end when he was speaking about Dr. King then you are truly dead inside or just too cynical to see that it was assholes like you that voted for George Bush. (or your apathy which really got him elected).

    And yes, you are an asshole for accusing him of using Dr. King or the color of his skin to get elected. It will be an important step for racial equality in America and he is more qualified for the job than the last president and has a running mate who can watch his back, which the Reps absolutely do not.

  7. “Boss DJ ain’t nothin’ but a man.” :

    I’m a tad up set no one caught the Sublime Reference in the title of this post!

    RIP Brad Nowell

    “And yes, that speech was life changing. If you didn’t get choked up towards the end when he was speaking about Dr. King then you are truly dead inside or just too cynical to see that it was assholes like you that voted for George Bush. (or your apathy which really got him elected).” :

    Also fuck yes TJ ROE

  8. I got the sublime reference. We used to play that song at every drunken basement gathering in Grand Island. My old lead singer used to go to the B chord after the G during the “Ooh we girl” part and i kept having to say “B flat” but he didnt know chord names so it made ME sound wrong.

    And I wasn’t.

  9. I Vote bitch! Bob Bar all the way!

    And yes t.j. my 45% tax rate is not enough, i should give 100% and live on the street, and of course keep working so i can give that money to the people that need it. That is bull shit, I’ve lived poor, i worked hard, and now i have something to show for it. I shouldn’t have to give it all up for people that don’t. There are plenty of jobs that people are just to lazy to do, and they pay well. The roofing contractor pay’s $25 an hour and he can’t keep good help. The welding shop in Sidney NE pays $18 an hour and they have 4 open positions.

    I think the problem is that a large chunk of people just want to work in an office or don’t want to do “physical labor.” I have friends up here with shitty jobs working at the video store. When i mention a much better paying job and give the an application they shrug and say “yea but that’s allot of work.”

    So what, you think you should get paid well for not doing work? or not having a skill set?

    Either be happy with were your at or do something about it. You don’t need the government handing out happiness!

    Also since no one seems to know, we already have national health care, just go to the emergency room and wait 2 hours behind the lady that has a headache and the kid with a runny nose. You know who pay’s for that service? People with health insurance. National health insurance is not the answer.

  10. Yeah maybe your taxes would do more if all of that money wasn’t used to go kill all of the brown people. (voter apathy did that too)

    Fuck insurance, it’s a scam, nationalized health care works everywhere but here, (Canada, the EU)

    And that’s not national health care, you still have to pay for it. Nationalized health care means it is paid for by your taxes. But voters who pick the candidates in bed with pharmecutical companies (or don’t vote at all and let them stay in power) are keeping out medical expenses out of control and keeping people (lazy asses AND hard working alike) from the healthcare they need.

    And i pay out of my ass for shitty health insurance, i might as well get shitty national coverage and not have that taken from my paycheck. its all the same.

    you have to vote for candidates who wont waste your money on WARS if you want lower taxes.

  11. Obama’s health care plan is insurance, so is McCain’s. So in that respect no one has the answer.

    Second If there was national health care it would come out of your pay check France has a tax rate of around 52% for anyone over 38,000 euro’s or about 57,000 dollars, and the UK is about 5% over that.

    If your going to Do it right, you use japan’s system, as it is much much better then the mentioned Canadian option, its also not much of a hit to taxes and would ruffly cost the current price tag of medicaid/medicare

    Cut down on administration, get rid of insurance companies, Tie it to a national I.D. system and monitor for abuse. Add nurse practitioner offices to smaller area’s to service simple colds medication and broken bones.

    Include mandatory preventative care, I.e. yearly checkups PSA Screenings, cancer screenings and so on. This would put an emphasis on prevention and wellness in order to reduce the need for major operations.

    And finally Tax less healthy foods and use the proceeds to subsidize healthier alternatives. If you’ve ever tried to eat healthy you know how much it costs compared to a top roman frozen dinner diet.

    That’s how you fix the health care system, Not Obama’s shitty insurance plan, or McCain’s half ass HSA plan.

    you can change your hair style but that doesn’t fix your feet.

  12. I must be dead inside, because I saw a guy spouting of the same liberal rhetoric about how he is gonna give them the world, while reducing their taxes, yet does not have a specific plan in place to do so.

    I also saw a guy who has been running from debates all summer, acting like he is a god to 85,000 nitwits. People who are too simple minded to not ask the real question: “Hey Barack, how exactly are you gonna make this CHANGE happen?”.

  13. I’ll just copy-paste what Foo said 🙂

    This is going to be an interesting 9 weeks! I predict a Jonestown-style mass suicide if Obama does, in fact, lose.

  14. Id be happier with massive civil unrest and public executions.

    Great population control would be shutting down churches telling you not to use condoms, make babies, and be abstinent until marriage. It certainly worked for Bristol Palin.

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