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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Death by tweezers?!

Teenager stabs her best friend to death with a pair of tweezers! Chicks are so crazy. Danilova told detectives: ‘Olga remarked that I was ugly and would never ever find a boyfriend. ‘How could I stay calm on hearing something like that from someone who I had always considered my best friend?’ She continued: ‘We […]

Dead Lantern Fantasy Football: Year 2

Jeff never made up a snazzy graphic like last year so plain text will have to do. 4 weeks into the season, and the standings are tight. MaT and Jeff are tied for 1st place with records of 3-1. Nate, Jeremy, and Carlin are one game back at 2-2. Explodey Jo at 0-4 is, well, […]

Eight-year-olds, Dude.

Update: The embedded video is not working for some folks. Here is the YouTube url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW9b0xr06qA There has been a lot of activity around this video on the YouTube site over the last 24 hours; it’s been one of those things that explodes and racks up many thousands of views in a short period of […]

5 Scariest Movies Ever? (per Ben Greenman)

Here’s a list from Ben Greenman at The New Yorker, his picks for the 5 scariest movies ever. I’m generally a bit tired of “top X lists” but this one’s sort of fun. I like the inclusion of things like The Body Snatcher, and Mulholland Drive is something of an unusual choice.

So can I stop paying my mortgage yet?

…or what’s the deal with that? I want someone to come “bail me out” already. Free up my finances so I can go snag that 25th Anniversary Redneck Zombies DVD that’s coming out. Times are tight, yo. My apologies to anyone who’s not interested in this sort of writing, but I sort of feel compelled […]