Avanttrash.com’s Halloween Horror Contest

“Teh Sex” (otherwise known as T.J. of Splattercast fame) and “Care Bear Ghost” (a.k.a Ali from The Grand Horror) have a swell site called avanttrash.com

Did you know they are running a Halloween contest for a swank horror goodie bag, probably stolen by T.J. when he passed some z-grade actor from “Salute Your Shorts” while cruising the streets of Hollywood?

Go visit and see if you can name some of our favorite quotes from various horror movies. And no googling!

That evil, vile Osiris, Christian subverter

I arrived to my Geography class last night and sitting next to me was a girl reading Are Roman Catholics Christians? by the douchebags at Chick Publications. I absolutey love reading these because they are so damn hilarious. My absolute favorite is Happy Halloween, in which little Timmy is run over by a car and sent to hell because he likes the greatest holiday ever. The scary thing was this girl in class was totally into it and believed what these morons are saying. Actually, strike that. She’s right. I can’t believe the fine folks at Chick have discovered the conspiracy! Osiris has worked so hard to keep this charade going for thousands of years!

Joe Biden eats Osiris!

Sigh…Tell you what, Christians. When you stop your “War on Halloween”, we secular motherf*ckers will give up our “War on Christmas”, deal? 😉


The only holiday worth a damn. No doubt there will be lots of drunkards running around since Halloween is on a friday this year. Be mindful of the kids who are out there trick or treating.

So, what are you doing/watching tonight?

Gort is Pro-McCain?


you know, I can understand that somebody in the Obama campaign thought it would be clever to use robots in a campaign ad with Halloween coming up, but Gort?

There is a twisted irony in the Obama campaign using the image of one of the most beloved science fiction robots ever (probably #2 right after Robby) as the vehicle for anti-Obama robocalls. The Day the Earth Stood Still is considered by many to be the liberal science fiction masterpiece in film and some yahoo in Chicago is using it in a stupid context. Stop tainting Gort! I forgive them because they probably had no idea, but sheesh, use the Terminator or something. Or better yet, how ’bout those robot spiders Gene Simmons created to kill Tom Selleck in Runaway.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by A Work in Podcast, the best science-fiction cast on the net (when we talk about sci-fi, that is)

p.s. How retarded is it to replay the freaking robocall you’re trying to stop as the only audio in the clip you’re trying to use to get the word out? oy….

World doomed to endure the torment of another Hellraiser film.

Will someone just destroy that fucking box already? Can’t we get one of those Rubik’s cube dudes to figure this crap out?

It’s been 13 years since I’ve seen any of these films but I remember them sucking. Splattercast 75 seems to remember some of them a bit more fondly. Apparently Hollywood has summoned another Hellraiser film from the depths of the underworld:

French horror director Pascal Laugier is in final negotiations to direct a “re-imagining of Hellraiser” for Dimension. Laugier reassured Cliver Barker fans that he “would never betray what [Barker] has done,” and to look forward to a mostly faithful adaptation…

via Defamer via The Hollywood Reporter.

I admit it. I need to rewatch the first couple.

Thanks everyone!

The Black Blood screening was a success! We had about 50 people show up and had discussion go all the way to 7:30.

Thank you to everybody who came out and gave us such positive feedback for our film. I’m glad it went over so well 🙂

Also, a new A Work in Podcast is up. Somehow, Deejay starts a conversation on the merits of Affirmitive Action. You’ve been warned…