Gort is Pro-McCain?


you know, I can understand that somebody in the Obama campaign thought it would be clever to use robots in a campaign ad with Halloween coming up, but Gort?

There is a twisted irony in the Obama campaign using the image of one of the most beloved science fiction robots ever (probably #2 right after Robby) as the vehicle for anti-Obama robocalls. The Day the Earth Stood Still is considered by many to be the liberal science fiction masterpiece in film and some yahoo in Chicago is using it in a stupid context. Stop tainting Gort! I forgive them because they probably had no idea, but sheesh, use the Terminator or something. Or better yet, how ’bout those robot spiders Gene Simmons created to kill Tom Selleck in Runaway.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by A Work in Podcast, the best science-fiction cast on the net (when we talk about sci-fi, that is)

p.s. How retarded is it to replay the freaking robocall you’re trying to stop as the only audio in the clip you’re trying to use to get the word out? oy….



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