The only holiday worth a damn. No doubt there will be lots of drunkards running around since Halloween is on a friday this year. Be mindful of the kids who are out there trick or treating.

So, what are you doing/watching tonight?



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  1. Happy Halloween guys from me ole FZR…..

    ah what am i doing tonight Well it is the Sleepy House Halloween Party so booze and half naked ladies all around….

    You guys have a safe one….

    Remember that Halloween is the day that makes all 364 worth living.

  2. I’ll be doing what Frank’s doing. Also, I’ll be going as Curt Glendon of Outpost Doom fame.

    We’re still waiting on the final video journal Mat. 🙂

  3. Happy Halloween to all the Deadlantern-ites! Sad to say, since I’ve got a bus trip to be ready for SUPER-EARLY tomorrow morning, I don’t have much in the way for evening plans. I’ll just be dressing up for work, taking said costume to a comic shop visit, and then watching a few Horror movies for the night. (On the docket are “Friday the 13th. Part 7”, and the Argento cut of “Dawn of the Dead”.)

  4. Happy Halloween to everyone! My band is playing in Somers Point, NJ and the second set is not to be missed. After pissing everyone off by not dressing up for our first set, we’re coming back in the second set dressed as Alice in Chains, dropping their banner from behind ours, and doing the entire “Dirt” album front to back, note for note.

    Long live Layne Staley!

  5. I will be dragging a feverish 2 1/2 year old back to our old stompin’ grounds to visit her grandmas. I don’t feel like handing out candy, so sick or not, my little ladybug is flyin’ out of Lincoln for the night.

    Talk about lame.

  6. I’m going to a party at some dude’s house where there’ll be 200-300 people. Apparently, this place is supposed to be huge and worth 7 million bones. I’ve never even seen a house worth so much but he’s a friend of my bf so I’m getting dragged along. My bf is going as Paul Wall and I’m gonna be a video ho.

    At least there will be free beer and all the crack you can smoke 🙂

  7. Toxsick, that sounds wicked 🙂 Break a leg, so to speak.

    We’re going to a house party dressed as a pair of vampires, but I’ll be coming home early under the guise of having to go to work tomorrow, so I can finish watching Halloween 2007 (about which you’ll get a very angry email from me later)

    Happy Halloween from the UK!

  8. I have the day off from work!

    Coin toss to see who would take the niece out, me or Grandma. It’s either that or hand out candy, which I don’t really like doing because it interrupts the yearly horror movie fest and ritual watching of the original Halloween. Also, I ate all the Tootsie Rolls. It’s entrapment I tells ya!

    Otherwise, it’s pizza, wings, expensive stout microbrewed beer, and a few horror films. Reviews to come to the messboard shortly.

    Everyone be sure to scare at least one person!

  9. Happy (late) Halloween! My husband was sick, so we stayed home & I watched Trilogy of Terror and the 10 episodes of Simpsons Treehouse of Horror that I have.

  10. This year’s Treehouse of Horror was a letdown 🙁

    They’ve really moved away from doing explicitly horror/Halloween-themed stories for Treehouse.

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