I’d rather watch paint dry.

You guys all pumped up for the big Obama infomercial tonight?

Me neither.

I do suppose it’s significant when a campaign has so much extra cash that they can blow millions on a single one-time advertisement. I think Ross Perot did something similar, but I wasn’t really paying attention back then.

Anyway, I’m skipping this one. I’ll pick up the highlights from the news sites later tonight and, of course, I’m eager to hear how many boxes of tissue Mat goes through as he watches it – if he makes it back from the Black Blood screening in time, that is! (genuine best wishes on the screening, by the way)

MaT’s Journal #19: Gettin’ hits from Dexter?

Tonight’s the big night. Candyman looks pretty excited.  A short documentary I directed is being screened in a campus auditorium. The place seats 500. I expect there will be, maybe, 10 people who show up. Apparently there was zero promotion done for this which is why I’ve been posting stuff on various message boards and sending out e-mails. I’m supposed to be there for an hour and a half for a Q&A session, but hopefully nobody shows up so I can get the hell out of there and watch the Obama infomercial. Now you rich people, too, can own Barack Obama for two small payments of $49.95!

Our wordpress navigation system shows us all the incoming links that various sites around the web are using from us. Apparently, we’ve been spreading the Dexter image wealth around 🙂 If you google “Dexter” and look at the images, we’re number 4. All sorts of sites lately have been stealing our bandwidth, I guess, by linking to the image. I’m not sure how Jeff sleeps at night knowing that this redistribution of Dexter images is occurring on his watch. Our latest link is by a blog called Sweet Sensation. Dexter is a kick ass show, so if fans are finding us because of the picture then that kicks ass too.

I’m not going to brag about the Seminoles beating the Hokies last weekend even though my Cornhusker friends lost to them. That would just be mean. However I am excited that the ‘Noles are tied for first place in their division and ranked 16th in the polls. For a team that is composed almost entirely of True Freshman and sophmores, that’s pretty good. However, I don’t think they’ll beat Georgia Tech this weekend and I predict a couple more losses after that. I think they’ll ultimately go 9-4, counting a bowl game win. Watch out next year, though. FSU is going to kick some ass.

Less than a week to go before the big election. I’ll write up my final preditions this weekend.

Electromagnetic ghost research thingy

Kind of an interesting piece, some scientists have experimented with the presence of electromagnetic fields in conjunction with reported supernatural phenomena.

EMFs emitted by power lines and towers, clock radios and other electrical sources may help debunk myths that people or things are haunted, says Michael Persinger, a neuroscientist at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, who has conducted research on the topic. One such study, published in 2001 in Perceptual And Motor Skills chronicles the experiences of a teenager who in 1996 claimed to be receiving nocturnal visits—one sexual—from the Holy Spirit. The 17-year-old girl, who had sustained mild brain damage at birth, said she also felt the presence of an invisible baby perched on her left shoulder.

When Persinger and his colleagues investigated (at the behest of the girl’s mother), they found an electric clock next to the bed that was about 10 inches (25.4 centimeters) from where she placed her head when she slept. Tests showed that the clock generated electromagnetic pulses with waveforms similar to those found to trigger epileptic seizures in rats and humans. When the clock was removed, the visions stopped. Persinger determined that the clock, in combination with the girl’s brain injury, were highly likely to have been contributing factors to the perceived nocturnal visits.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller


Deejay was arguing with me that there are no “universals”. That might be true. But one example that would seem to dispute that is Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It’s indisputably awesome. Both the song and the video.

If you think Thriller sucks then you suck. Plain and simple

if the video doesn’t work, click here.

Splattercast #102: Kiddie por…er…horror! Yeah, Kiddie Horror!

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wow, Deejay. WOW.

This week we talk about Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Goosebumps, and Tales From the Crytptkeeper. Deejay also gets a little saucy in explaining why he likes the “lighter” girls (who would have thought that Jeff’s image graphic would be so relevant to tonight’s show…). We also get a couple of great listener voice mail message. One is anti-Obama Robocall as read by Hannibal Lecter  and the other is a defense of the Puppet Master franchise from our pal Jay at the Obscure 80’s Podcast. Enjoy.

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