Black Friday

So, any of you dudes or dudettes crazy enough to go out shopping on “Black Friday?” Personally, I was getting myself kind of psyched up to go get a deal on an Xbox 360 but then I bought one from eBay so I think I’ll just sleep late instead. Plus, the exclusive Pussycat Dolls Xbox Bundle is only available in the Australasian markets, so it’s not like I was going to score that awesome package here in Lincoln, NE.

I still need to pick up Left 4 Dead so I can play with all the cool kids, and I do have a Best Buy gift card so I may bicycle down there in the afternoon. Maybe while the Husker game is going on, to avoid the worst of the crowds.

If you want a roundup of the best video game deals for tomorrow, be sure to check out Cheap Ass Gamer’s Black Friday list.

Lego Concentration Camp

Lego Concentration Camp (follow link for more pics)

In the upper-left corner of each box we find the following statement: “This work by Zbigniew Libera has been sponsored by Lego” – as the project was made possible thanks to the bricks presented by the polish department of the Danish company. Upon its presentation in Denmark, LEGO headquarters has launched legal complaints against the artist, however as a result of a fierce press campaign it has decided to drop the lawsuit. The controversies concerning Libera’s LEGO also appeared in Poland, yet those where of a somewhat different character. As a result the artist has refused to exhibit in the Polish pavilion at the Venetian Biennale. In the meantime the work has become an icon and – in various versions – was exhibited in galleries and museum collections across the globe. One of sets was purchased by the Jewish Museum in New York.

New Punisher: War Zone Stills

Latino Review has some new stills from Punisher: War Zone, which opens next Friday. I’m hearing a lot of people pre-dissing this flick but I’m keeping an open mind. I love the character (read the Ennis & Dillon issues!) and I enjoy B-grade comic/action movies. I did like Thomas Jane in the previous movie but I think Ray Stevenson looks fine in the trailers and pics that I’ve seen – plus, Jigsaw!

A Work In Podcast, Tonight Only: 99% Mat-Free!

Don’t forget to point your browser to tonight for Mat & Deejay’s live call-in show, A Work In Podcast. The show starts at 9:00pm (U.S. Central Time) but there’s other good stuff on the channel before AWIP, so go ahead and tune in early to check out the other programs.

Deejay will be leading the show tonight, since Mat’s over in Iowa seeing some band called Nineteen Nailpolish or something but he said he’ll try to call in live from the concert. Co-hosting with Deejay will be Mike from and I myself may try to jump on and play second-banana to Deejay.

So, I guess, if you can’t get enough of us assholes, remember to go to at 9:00pm central tonight!