Some new Underworld 3 pics

Here are a few new pics from Underworld 3. I haven’t seen the previous two entries. I gather they’re fairly popular. Is this like Twilight, where it’s more girl-targeted vampire stuff, or should I give Underworld a chance?



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  1. The Underworld movies aren’t bad. The first one is decent, second one gets too complicated for its own good.

  2. A lot of people if I recall used to bitch about how “unrealistic” Underworld was (looking and otherwise)…and then I wonder what they expected out of a werewolves fighting vampires with guns sort of movie…I just went along for the ride and liked it well enough. Kate is indeed a looker, but the real fun is listening to Bill Nighy’s voice.

  3. I ask myself this question as often as I ask myself if I should watch any of the Resident Evil movies. I always come to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be a good idea.

  4. In my opinion all the Underworld movies are great. I loved the first one, loved the second and love the third one too. In fact, looking the third movie you understand everything even better.

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