Black Friday

So, any of you dudes or dudettes crazy enough to go out shopping on “Black Friday?” Personally, I was getting myself kind of psyched up to go get a deal on an Xbox 360 but then I bought one from eBay so I think I’ll just sleep late instead. Plus, the exclusive Pussycat Dolls Xbox Bundle is only available in the Australasian markets, so it’s not like I was going to score that awesome package here in Lincoln, NE.

I still need to pick up Left 4 Dead so I can play with all the cool kids, and I do have a Best Buy gift card so I may bicycle down there in the afternoon. Maybe while the Husker game is going on, to avoid the worst of the crowds.

If you want a roundup of the best video game deals for tomorrow, be sure to check out Cheap Ass Gamer’s Black Friday list.



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  1. Hard drive: check 🙂

    UPS tracking number says the Xbox won’t arrive until this coming Wednesday, though. Guess I’ll just have to spend this weekend watching crummy movies for the Splattercast instead of gaming.

  2. Just picked up an xBox and Left 4 Dead. I’ve always been terrible at 3D games, but my husband is pretty excited about it and I’m going to *try*.

    For now I’m sticking to Fables.

    gamertag: renderjack

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