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  1. All I know is that I wasted $8 on Street Fighter 4 today (its 75 cents for one game) at my local arcade. February is the release date for the XBOX360 port. I expect the entire Splattercast crew and listeners to have a 360, an arcade stick, and the game by then. 🙂

  2. Teen*Idol… have you checked out the SSF2T HD Remix that just came out on Xbox Live Arcade? It’s supposed to be a very accurate port of SSF2T but with HD sprites. I may download that next week (UPS says my Xbox will arrive on Wednesday).

    Now, I must tell you I’m not a high-level competitive SF player. You will slaughter me pretty much every time. Amongst the Dead Lantern crew, I’m sure I’d probably fare pretty well… but that’s like being king of the turd pile, know what I mean? 😀

  3. I remember saving up allowance money, 70 freaking bucks, and buying SF2 at K-Mart in Grand Island. I used to be pretty damn good at SF, though I haven’t played it in years so I probably suck now

  4. I’ll shoot you, if you give me your best Al Cliver impersonation from the conclusion of “Zombi 2”.

  5. @ Jeff – Yeah I bought Street Fighter HD at 3am when it was released 😉 But it’s ok if you guys think you suck. If you remember the basics, you should be okay. I see Mat on Left For Dead everyday now hahahaha so it’d be great to see you on their too Jeff. I need to come up with cash for L4d quick 😀

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