Dead Lantern updates

Am I dumb? Is there no save feature on the single player campaign of Left 4 Dead? I’m used to the Wii, which saves your progress automatically. I guess I’m still trying to figure this X-Box thing out. I’m so unhip. Still, I’m having a lot of fun with the game. It’ll be cool to play it online with the Splattercast hosts and listeners. I’ll be getting the Gold version of X-Box live next week. I’m getting better at not shooting teammates πŸ™‚

I want to let all of you know that those of you who have sent in e-mails and left voicemails that we’ll be reading them on the December 1st show.Β  That’ll be our Asylum Movie Marathon episode and I’ve actually been in contact with some of the Asylum people about possibly being involved in some way. We’ll see what happens with that. But for those of you who have sent messages, fret not, we will respond in a few days!

I sent off 3 prizes this afternoon which included finally getting off my lazy ass to send Bestial: Werewolf Apocalypse to Medicine Hat, Canada and Life After Death to New Jersey. The third prize went to Tennessee. Congratulations everyone and enjoy your free swag.

One other thing, I’m planning another contest in the future for a listener to win a co-host slot on an upcoming Splattercast. We’ve had a lot of fun with this in the past and it’s about time we did it again. Look for that as well as other goodies to be announced soon.

Don’t forget that tomorrow night Deejay will be hosting A Work in Podcast over at the Radio Network. Show starts at 10/9 central time and you can call in live. I won’t be around so no Theory talk but Deejay, Mike (from, and possibly Jeff of Splattercast fame will be chatting about Twilight bullshit. I hear that some people have been spamming Twilight message boards telling the gothic tweens to come listen to Deejay “review” the film….I really wish I could be a part of this show πŸ™‚

Also, if it floats your boat, Gore Girl will be doing an interview with Lloyd Kaufman so you can call in live and chat with Lloyd if you’d like. Her show is right before ours and starts at 8/7 Central. Same link to listen.

This will be my last post for a few days. I’m heading off to Council Bluffs in a few hours. The NIN show isn’t until tomorrow night, but I’m in a contest to win a chance to have dinner with Trent Reznor and I’ve got to be in person at a bar at 7 in order to win. If I win, I’ll be sure to take copious notes of Trent’s views on Tax Policy for Jeff. I’ll also try and call in to AWiP from the show tomorrow if I can. My girlfriend is forcing us to be up front on the rail in the middle of the damn stage so I might be too busy getting grinded up on by filthy goth kids to get to my phone, but I’ll do my best.

With that, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and I’ll talk to you on next weeks Splattercast!

p.s. The Seminoles are going to kick the Gator’s ass this weekend! Just you wait.

MaT’s Journal #21: It’s Gator Week

It’s Gator Week. As a Florida State fan this game is second only to Miami in terms of sheer hatred. After kicking Maryland’s ass this past Saturday, FSU is right on track for my prediction of a 9-4 season. If Boston College loses, we’ll actually go to the ACC championship game and a possible BCS berth. But that is meaningless right now. All that matters is Florida. There would be no greater satisfaction than punching Pretty Boy Tebow in the face and making him cry while simultaneously ending Florida’s hope for another title. Against the rational side of me, I’m going to go ahead and predict Seminoles 28 Gators 26. Graham Gano hits a game winning field goal. Tomahawk Chop motherf*ckers!

I finally caught an episode of Scream Queens which is airing on VH1. It was stupid. Watching James Gunn “direct” these drama queen flakes to put cockroaches on them was just sad to see. Lame.

On the other hand, I caught a couple episodes of the game show Estate of Panic which is horror themed about a dude who hides money in his giant mansion and then sets up all sorts of freaky things for the contestants to deal with in the various rooms. I like it. It’s fun and there are some cool set pieces.

I think I’m getting an X-Box 360 today. Maybe. I think. Possibly…

The latest isssue of Ground Zero, our local newspaper’s entertainment insert, had a cover story interview with Nine Inch Nails. Apparently, Reznor wanted an ISP tax of 2 or 3 bucks that would be shared amongst bands whose music was being pirated illegally. And conservatives the world over screamed in terror. Speakin of Nine Inch Nails, I’ll be seeing them in Council Bluffs this Wednesday. Robin Finck is back in the band and since Josh Freese is leaving at the end of this tour (being replaced by the drummer from some band called Lost Prophets or something) it’ll be my last chance to see him drum in my fave band. I’m going to try and call in to A Work in Podcast from the show to say hello. Be sure to listen, 10/9 central time this wednesday and call in so Deejay feels good.

Go ‘Noles!

Archiving The Hot Carls #3: THC and Intr0vert

Many of you are forced against your will to listen to T.J. whine about his tough life as a Hollywood graphic designer every week on the Splattercast. Now that he is hobnobbing with all of his elitist friends I’m sure they’ll love to check out what he was designing in the early days. What you have here is an Evil Dead II inspired flyer for yet another show at the legendary “Cellar” in Aurora, Nebraska. Int0vert was T.J.’s band, but as you can see, they were relegated to the opening act of the headliner: The Hot Carls. πŸ™‚

Next time T.J. is in Nebraska, I’m going to have him autograph this.

Splattercast #106: XX, XX, and XY

Get it now

This week Explodey Jo and Tina Fontaine take over the sausage party known as the Splattercast to talk about a bunch of horror flicks written and directed by women. Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, one hostess couldn’t participate so you get one Y chromosome thrown in for good measure πŸ™‚

Leave a nice comment for the ladies on our voicemail: 206-426-5306

Next Episode: after we’ve feasted ourselves on the turkeys Sarah Palin didn’t pardon we’ll be doing a gargantuan Asylum Movie Marathon for episode 107. I’m scared.