Death Toll and No Mercy are toast.


Earlier this evening (and deep into the morning) Steve, Borp, and I defeated No Mercy and Death Toll on expert.

It was crazy fun and a bit maddening at times but there is such sweet satisfaction that I can hardly contain my excitement. On the No Mercy map, Deejay played most of the time with us but decided to bail out about 20 minutes before we ended up beating the finale. That map ended up taking about 3.5 hours.

We had Ronin from the Sleepy Cast helping us much of the way on Death Toll before he had to drop out for some zzzzz’s. Even though we got stuck with dumbass Louis as our NPC partner, Steve, Borp, and I ended up crushing Death Toll in about 2.5 hours. That doesn’t even count the fact that we played another campaign on advanced sandwiched in between our Expert shenanigans.

It was a long night. But a fruitful one. We had great fun. I’m looking forward to crushing the Dead Air and Blood Harvest maps on expert next. Poor Deejay and Ronin dropped off before they could get the super snazzy cool achievements we scored for being so awesome. Ah well, at least we got em! πŸ™‚

Now, time to go get some donuts….



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  1. So, was Steve rocking the sniper rifle again? I firmly believed it was a dumb weapon until I saw him wielding it with such proficiency the other night.

  2. I can tell I’m WAY behind the gaming times, when whenever I hear “No Mercy”, I think back to that N64 wrestling game… that DOMINATED.

  3. I got this game already but have only played the first chapter on normal. I would get online with you guys but I also got a router this Xmas that has caused my XBOX LIVE party games to act up.

    Really really-NOT COOL.


  4. Man, I need to block out more than 1 hour per gaming session. There’s no way I’ll progress much further if not.

  5. That’s the hard part, render. I’m totally jealous of my friends who have different schedules that allow for longer gaming sessions. Sounds like tackling a L4D campaign on “Expert” requires a good 3 hours, at least.

    Gets a bit grueling!

  6. Jeff- “Sounds like tackling a L4D campaign on β€œExpert” requires a good 3 hours, at least.”

    or 10 hours, give or take 12 minutes πŸ™‚

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