Dear Lord, it’s finally over

Ronin, Borp, Monaga, and I finally completed “Dead Air” at about 7:50 a.m. this morning (Borp actually breaked briefly for lunch in Sweden 🙂 ) after beginning at 10 pm last night.

Final game stats…

It took 9 hours and 48 minutes to complete with over 8,000 total zombies killed. This campaign was a nightmare.

But we DID it. My only regret is that all of you couldn’t hear the man love that took place once we got inside that goddamn airplane and the credits began to roll. I am so damn exhausted.

now, all that is left is “Blood Harvest” and that damned cornfield…



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  1. I’ll give Blood Harvest a try.

    I have the hunger to prove my manhood and beat a campaign on Expert (all 4 may be unrealistic for me, just time-wise) but I dunno… you start getting into 4+ hour territory and I start thinking about diminishing returns 😛

  2. There’s something endearing about being woken up at 4am to the sound of Codey cackling and screaming and shotgun blasts. We have it set so that everyone’s voice plays through the TV as well, so that just adds to the joy.

    /not sarcasm

    And congrats on beating that level! It was fun watching you try to jump that fence for about fifteen minutes though.

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