ANOES posters by Matthew Peak


I failed to mention it on Splattercast #115, but I’ve always loved the poster art from the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies. The posters from ANOES are easily my favorite movie posters ever. A bit about the artist, via

The Nightmare on Elm Street movie poster features Freddyโ€™s bladed glove fingers hovering over the bed of star Heather Langenkamp. The crisp and striking style of the illustration is reminiscent of legendary movie poster artist Bob Peak. This should come as no surprise since the Elm Street one-sheet was illustrated by his son, Matthew Joesph Peak. While the stylized skull face illustration bears little resemblance to Freddy Krueger himself, it is nonetheless creepy. Artist Matthew Peak went on to illustrate other posters in the Elm Street film series.

Here’s a small gallery of all of the posters, including Peak’s alternate version of the Freddy’s Dead poster.





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  1. Did Jeff also fail to mention we have these posters of the first 4 movies surrounding the TV downstairs? Our 2-year-old is rather… unsettled around them.

  2. Yeah, I got posters 1-4 from during a recent sale they had. I’m a bit disappointed that the colors aren’t nearly as bright and vibrant as they are on the DVD cases I have that sport the same artwork – but then maybe those DVD covers had their color “tarted up” a bit from the original posters?

    Either way, they’re pretty rad. That alternate art for Freddy’s Dead (part 6) is ten times better than the boring poster they went with as the primary art, which was just a plain-jane image of Freddy reaching toward the viewer. I guess it was to promote the 3D angle of that film.

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    Women are property, and it’s not cool to steal property.

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