Splattercast 115 is up finally


it’s 2 hours and be sure to take plenty of No Doze because we all know what’ll happen if you fall asleep during it…Deejay will touch you 🙂

Also, don’t forget that Monday is our fan appreciation episode. If you want a free prize, just e-mail us or leave us a voicemail. Make it as funny as possible. Everyone who enters is guaranteed to win something.



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  1. I listened to this before I went to bed last night and had the most peaceful dream ever!

    I dreamt all the celebrities I didn’t like were getting mutalated by Freddy!!!

  2. Very good podcast guys. Its interesting how apart from NOES part 1, the rest of the movies get such a diverse reception. Personally my fav was part 3 because it had so much character and personality. It just epitomizes that 80s fantasy horror tone so well. And something that wasnt mentioned in the show regarding part 4 was Tuesday Knight. She did that great, cheesy theme song (youtube it now!) and yet in her starring role as Kristen, she stunk up the movie.

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