Redd’s Pond


Once every year, the two heads of the Abbot and Wakeworth families sit together on a bench, overlooking Redd’s Pond. No matter what may be going on in their lives at the time, they always begin at sunset and leave in opposite directions at sunrise. They do not speak, only watch the calm blue waters, and they never say why they continue the tradition which goes back as far as anyone can remember.

Some people say it is a tradition honoring Samuel Redd’s gift to the town. Some of the older residents believe it has something to do with the disappearance of Eli Wakeworth and the rumors of Jacob Abbot’s involvement. Nobody is quite sure, but one thing that is certain is the look on the two men’s faces as they quietly watch the pond’s blue waters. It is one of struggle and determination. As if one was trying to raise something from the waters, while the other was trying to prevent it…

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  1. Is this true or something from your creative writing course? Either way, this is pretty damn interesting and spooky.

  2. Interesting, but… if they sit there from sunset to sunrise, all night long, wouldn’t the water look black?

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