Episode 404 - [MP3]
Deejay looks into the Black Mirror and sees a deer
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Never Again
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Hudson versus Hicks
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Johnny Cash and Syphilis

Pimpin Our Friends: The Dead Letter Awards presented by Mail Order Zombie


Mail Order Zombie has the Splattercast Seal of Approval for being our favorite zombie focused horror podcast. Brother D and Miss Bren kick all sorts of ass and when they asked us to be a presenter on their upcoming Dead Letter Awards show which honors the best zombie films, books, games, scenes, etc. we jumped at the chance. So tonight, Jeff, Steve, Deejay, and myself re-enacted a behind the scenes moment from our own ill fated zombie flick: Zombie Splatter Feast (a.k.a. Codename: ZSF) wherein Steve gets his head thrown through his own apartment wall by Deejay. This actually happened. And you’ll hear how it went down in all of its overly exaggerated glory on Mail Order Zombie’s Dead Letter Awards Show.

So after you’ve scored with all the drunken starlets at the Splatcademy Award after parties, be sure to save some energy for The Dead Letter Awards which will be presented on Thursday, February 26th only at MailOrderZombie.com

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