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  1. I suck hard at these >:\

    The Stuff??

    Fuck no it’s not The Stuff but I saw what looked like that white goo and that was what first came to mind.

  2. ok so its not It….those where fortune cookies…..

    hmmmmm lets see here…..

    Jacobs ladder maybe?

    i don’t re-call that in that flick so probably not

  3. I said I-I-IIII-I want the kniiiiiiiiife!

    I love The Golden Child. But no, that’s not the answer.

    Hint: Pauly Shore.

  4. The scene in Golden Child where he had to go over those big pillars gave me endless nightmares as a kid.

    I’m going to guess, though I don’t remember it in the move, Bogus Witch Project.

  5. hahahahahahah i have not thought i about that flick in ages!…..I was just guessing with Jacobs ladder i know there is an eye coming outta the ceiling…. damn i gotta watch this flick now.

  6. yeah well its looking at Tim robins in that room its been awhile it may be a deleted scene for all i know i will have to give it a re-watch as well.

  7. Steve, I think the next Dead Lantern production SHOULD be “Potatoes and Eyeballs: The Motion Picture”.

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