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  1. Happy Ash Wednesday!

    I don’t even know what Ash Wednesday is. I’ve just seen people walking around all day with shit on their foreheads.

  2. Ash Wednesday is the first day of lint. if you didn’t grow up catholic like i did…

    it doesn’t mean shit really other then you give up some habits as a penance for all the wrong doing you have done.

    Say for instance you give up sex for lint you don’t have sex till after Easter Sunday….thats right kids lint last that long.

    It gets its name for when you go to church that day they mark your palm and fore head with a cross of ash. more forgiveness jive.

  3. I had no clue what Ash Wednesday was when I was about 16. I went to the grocery and everyone had crosses on their foreheads and I think I was on acid because I was completely convinced that it was some kind of alien takeover. I called my mom asking if she knew what the fuck was going on… she made me feel dumb, rightfully so. 😆

  4. “Lent”.

    “Lint” is the stuff that fills up that metal catcher in your clothes dryer.

    And it’s not supposed to be happy. There are no happy Catholic holidays.

    Now get out there and LOOK GUILTY.

  5. I always thought Lent was retarded. I mean it would be worth it if you gave up something important but everyone I know who does gives up meat or soda something insignificant. Now if they were giving up ALL food, that would be impressive. But yeah, not eating burritos for 2 months is reeeeeaallllly a big deal in Heaven.

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