Return To Horror House playing at the Joyo Theater

Earlier today I learned about an indie horror film, Return To Horror House, that will be playing this Friday night (April 3rd) at Lincoln’s Joyo Theater. The movie starts at 9:30pm and admission is free! DVDs will be available for purchase for just $5 after the show.

Return To Horror House is director Dustin Ferguson’s 4th film and a sequel to 2008’s Horror House. The film is 50 minutes and will include vintage horror trailers. The show will be introduced by the director and “Devi Lina,” the Retro Horror Remix Pin-Up Girl.

Return To Horror House

Be sure to visit Dustin’s site, Retro Horror Remix, and check out the interesting “fanedit” projects he’s made.

Women of Horror #86: Charlie Spradling


we’re doing Full Moon on tonight’s Splattercast and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post a pic of Charlie Spradling, who I have a mad crush on.

some films: The Blob (1988), Twice Dead (1988), Mirror Mirror (1990), Meridian: Kiss of the Beast (1990), Puppet Master II (1991), To Sleep With A Vampire (1993)

Shit I Missed: Bioshock

BioshockI finished Bioshock (Xbox 360 version) last night. The game came out in August of 2007 and was a big hit. You’ve probably already played it.

The game is amazing and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who, like me, missed it when it first hit the scene. It’s a highbrow first-person-shooter with a heaping helping of horror trappings. Dead bodies everywhere and weirdos wearing bunny masks. Good stuff.

Since it was such a popular game, I couldn’t help but hear other people talking about it before I got my own chance to play it. One of the things I kept hearing was that the ending portion of the game was a big disappointment, both in terms of the final boss battle and the cinematic ending scene.

I was satsified by the endgame. There was a boss fight, complete with a little boss fight gimmick, and the ending cinematic was touching (I got the “good guy” ending). The ending was somewhat abrupt, but I don’t think it was bad in any way. The only thing I would have changed would be to maybe let the player walk around the game world after defeating the final boss instead of cutting directly to a cinematic ending scene.

Maybe this is just me, but I’ve often resented the final bosses that get crammed into some first-person-shooters. I don’t need some silly room-sized monster like that ridiculous crap at the end of Doom 2. I want something that fits with the rest of the game, that doesn’t feel like a gameplay non sequitur. Bioshock‘s final boss was ok by me.

GameSpot has a good interview with Bioshock developer Ken Levine that makes for a good read after finishing the game.

GS: Considering that the plot inhabits the gray areas of morality and you’ve included general condemnation of taking things to extremes, why give the player two endings that are on ridiculously opposite ends of the spectrum?

KL: I think that’s a fair question and honestly, it was never my intention to do two endings for the game. It sort of came very late and it was something that was requested by somebody up the food chain from me. It was a reasonable request because I think people want to just have a sense of the different consequences from doing that path.

But you notice, whenever I do my interviews about the game, I never want to talk about the good and the evil choice. When we were developing the game, originally the icons about harvest and save had a neat little angel and a little devil, and I cut that out because I didn’t want that to be clear to the player when he did it in the sequence where Atlas and Tenenbaum are telling the player very different but equally compelling things. And it wasn’t clear what the morally right thing to do was.

I wanted to leave it more ambiguous. But I’m not sure if that would have been the right thing. At the end of the day, there are [aspects of games] that you collaborate on and agree upon.

One of the reasons I was opposed to multiple endings is I never want to do things that have multiple digital outcomes, versus analog outcomes. I want to do it like the weapons system in the combat in BioShock. There are a million different things you can do in every combat; you can play it a million different ways. Looking into the future for the franchise, that’s something I want to [figure out], that by the time you get to the ending of that choice path, you have a sense of your impact on the world through lots of little permutations rather than like a giant ending piece, if you follow my meaning.

And I think we did a reasonably good job with [the endings], but there are just two of them. And this is not a game about A and B. This is a game about one through 1 million, and all those permutations of choice. And as I think about the future of the franchise, that’s where I want to take that.

Left 4 Dead Night (April 25th and May 2nd)


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Though I’m leaving the world of blogging and forum posting, I will still be keeping busy behind-the-scenes. I’ve been organizing the 1st event for the Horror Podcast Network which is a swell website that should be your one-stop-shop for all your horror podcasting needs. Be sure to check it out so you’ll know when all your favorite casts are uploaded or to check out casts you might not have heard of before.

Also, we’re doing this on Saturday, May 2nd as well. So if you can’t make it on Saturday, the 25th, fear not because we’re doing the same thing the following Saturday. Stay up and kill zombies with us until your mom drags you to church the following day.

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Tokyo Bore Police

I guess I'd do the one on the right. I've cropped out her weird boobs in this image, though.

I just watched Tokyo Gore Police, one of the many movies on my “to watch” pile. I liked it okay, and this is ostensibly the sort of thing that’s right up my alley, but it felt like it was about a million hours long. It’s a fun movie, but I struggled to pay attention for the whole 100+ minutes.