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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Return To Horror House playing at the Joyo Theater

Earlier today I learned about an indie horror film, Return To Horror House, that will be playing this Friday night (April 3rd) at Lincoln’s Joyo Theater. The movie starts at 9:30pm and admission is free! DVDs will be available for purchase for just $5 after the show. Return To Horror House is director Dustin Ferguson’s […]


hugs and kisses, everybody. mostly kisses, though. deep, french kisses….

Splattercast #124: Full Moon Fever!

Julie from 19 Nocturne Boulevard helps us run through the eclectic Full Moon catalog. Stay tuned at the end of the episode for Mits777‘s round-up of the new After Dark Horrorfest series. Get Splattercast #124 here.


great for Ancient Greek plays. Not so good for internet communication.

Women of Horror #86: Charlie Spradling

we’re doing Full Moon on tonight’s Splattercast and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post a pic of Charlie Spradling, who I have a mad crush on. some films: The Blob (1988), Twice Dead (1988), Mirror Mirror (1990), Meridian: Kiss of the Beast (1990), Puppet Master II (1991), To Sleep With A Vampire (1993)