Slime City Massacre news

Slime City MassacrePress release info from Gregory Lamberson was on a recent episode of Dread Media (#85) and he sounded like a fun guy with a lot of enthusiasm for this new Slime City project.

April 28th, 2009 – Actor Lee Perkins has joined the cast of SLIME CITY MASSACRE, Gregory Lamberson’s sequel to his 1988 cult midnight film SLIME CITY, which shoots in Buffalo this July.  Perkins first came to the attention of horror film fans for his role as a paternal serial killer in KatieBird*Certifiable Crazy Person and recently completed roles in PSYCHOSOMATIKA and DAHMER VS. GACY.
In SLIME CITY MASSACRE, Perkins will play one of four squatters trying to survive in New York City after a terrorist attack brings down the financial system.  The squatters discover a supply of strange wine in the ruins of a soup kitchen which turns them into hideous slime creatures driven to murderous acts.  The other squatters are played by Debbie Rochon, acclaimed horror author Kealan Patrick Burke, and newcomer Jennifer Bihl.  Robert Sabin and Mary Bogle return from the original film, Brooke Lewis appears in several flashbacks, and filmmaker Roy (STREET TRASH) Frumkes has a role as a greedy developer.
“I met Lee at a horror film festival in Florida a few years ago,” says Lamberson.  “I was screening SLIME CITY and he was screening KatieBird.  We stayed in touch over the years, and he and Kealan were going to co-star in another project of mine that fell through. I’m thrilled to have such a top notch cast.”
“Man, I feel lucky,” adds Perkins.  “Lucky that I met Greg years ago and that I stayed in touch.  I’m a big fan of writer/directors because they create such deep complex characters.  SCM will not be your typical horror flick.”
Lamberson is the screenwriter and director of SLIME CITY MASSACRE, which is being produced by Marc Makowski, who co-produced the original; horror writer John Maclay; Tommy Sweeney, who starred in Lamberson’s UNDYING LOVE, and actress Lewis.

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Left 4 Jeff

Thanks to all the folks who signed on to Xbox Live to play Left 4 Dead with us last night. I got in about 6 hours or so in Versus matches. Won a couple, lost several – but had fun the whole time. Plus, nobody yelled at me for sucking! Bonus!

We’re planning to get in some more games next Saturday, May 2nd. Our gamertags are here. I’d also be happy to play through some campaign and survival matches; I haven’t played campaign mode since the new updates hit.

Video Nasties: Shogun Assassin (1980)


It’s nice to review a good movie for this list; I wasn’t sure there would be one!

Shogun Assassin, I’m sure you know, is an edited down version of the first two movies in the Lone Wolf And Cub series. The basic plot follows Lone Wolf, who was the Shogun’s ‘decapitator’. The Shogun has become paranoid and senile, and believing Lone Wolf to be a threat, attempts to assassinate him, killing his wife in the process. Lone Wolf begins a journey to avenge his wife, killing all the would-be assassins the Shogun throws in his path, and taking with him his young son.

In terms of the violence, the first half of this movie is pretty much a sequence of somewhat cool fight scenes, which only suffer slightly from the choreography and editing of the era. We see lots of stabbing and dismembering, all resulting in fountains of blood we would later see in Kill Bill. Having not grown up in the seventies, it’s kind of odd to have watched something like Kill Bill and then going back to see where all the ideas came from. While pretty gory, the fights aren’t really all that graphic or realistic, and the blood is that orangey colour which make it look even less convincing. But the ridiculousness doesn’t detract from the fun at all. And not even in a ‘so bad it’s good’ way – it’s just good 🙂

I would be extremely interested to check out the Lone Wolf and Cub movies now. Part of me wondered whether they had removed the ‘boring’ dialogue heavy parts of the original movies, leaving mainly the fights. But I also recently found out that the other 4 movies in the series have been repackaged and resold as 4 sequels to Shogun Assassin which strikes me as incredibly cheeky, similar to the zombie movies of the 70s I guess.

There’s nothing I found all that disturbing about this movie, except maybe the synthesised score. One thing that struck me is the presence of the young boy in almost every fight scene. I don’t have a problem with children in horror movies (a discussion topic for later) but I could not believe the child’s parents would allow the filmmakers to shave his head in such a way, that has to be seen to be believed. All in all, nothing really ‘nasty’ about this movie, but nevertheless recommended.