Thanks for not ragging on my scrubbiness!

Left 4 Jeff

Thanks to all the folks who signed on to Xbox Live to play Left 4 Dead with us last night. I got in about 6 hours or so in Versus matches. Won a couple, lost several – but had fun the whole time. Plus, nobody yelled at me for sucking! Bonus!

We’re planning to get in some more games next Saturday, May 2nd. Our gamertags are here. I’d also be happy to play through some campaign and survival matches; I haven’t played campaign mode since the new updates hit.



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  1. 6 hours?! WOW I can’t believe I missed this. Scrap-ass XBOX and there shitty hardware red ringing on me..

  2. It was a mega fun night. Think I lasted about 5 hours. Went to bed at 5.30 am Uk time. Count me in for more zombie action next Sat.

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