Sukiyaki Western Django


The wife chose Takashi Miike’s Sukiyaki Western Django to watch tonight. It’s a pretty weird movie, and it often slips its toe over the line into tedium, but I always stick through a Miike film. It’s basically a Japanese spaghetti western, with an all-Japanese cast speaking English through thick accents. I guess it’s sort of like Yojimbo and A Fistful of Dollars through the lens of Miike nutbaggery.

A while back some dudes on the forum were talking briefly about it. Mat gave it a C+, which is pretty fair. Recommended for Miike fans – but then, most Miike fans have probably already seen it.

Men of Horror: Brad Pitt


Tenuous? Maybe. It doesn’t matter with this level of hot sauce.

Some films: Se7en (1995); Interview with a Vampire (1994); Kalifornia (1993); Tales from the Crypt – ‘King of the Road’ (1992); Cutting Class (1989); Freddy’s Nightmares – ‘Black Ticket’ (1989).

LA Times blogger on the DMTH poster

Here’s an interesting piece about the poster for Drag Me To Hell.

To hear Adam Fogelson, Universal’s head of marketing and distribution, tell it, the main idea behind the poster was to distance “Drag Me¬†to Hell” from the grisly torture porn¬†films that have largely dominated the horror genre in recent years. “We wanted to communicate the concept in a way that was exciting and scary, but also fun. There have been a lot of print images lately for woman-in-jeopardy films that just felt too gross and unpleasant.” He searched for the right word: “Icky. Torture porn-like. We wanted to stay away from that as much as possible.”

Drag Me To Hell poster

Drag Me To Heaven

I’m sure we’re all planning to go see Raimi’s new genre flick, Drag Me To Hell,¬†this weekend. I’m planning to go later tonight. The reviews have been overwhelmingly postivite:¬†95% at Rotten Tomatoes with over 100 reviews counted. We’re talking Dark Knight-level positive reviews here.

Some of our friends have been fortunate enough to¬†attend some early showings¬†and have shared their thoughts in this forum thread. I’m jealous of you big-city guys who get more sneak-preview opportunities! Mits777 attended an early screening in Austin and said…

Saw a special screening of this last night here in Austin and I fucking loved it. Sam Raimi is definitely back. They really pushed the envelope for PG-13 on this movie. I hung around afterwards and talked to people to see what other people thought and an overwhelming majority loved the movie. Acting, scares, story, music, just everything worked. Highly recommend. 9/10

I can’t wait. I’m having a hard time paying attention at work today! Hopefully Drag will wash away that bitter Terminator taste from last weekend.

This one’s for mat.


Well i was in Las Vegas we were searching for a place to get away from the noise, So we ducked into this bar and to the left hand side they had the House of the Dead Gauntlet.  In other words every House of the Dead Game in order with some very great Signs. (thats about 6 foot tall and some of the heads stick out 2 feet)

Men of Horror: Christopher Lee


I know he’s been done already but I just had to honour the man’s 87th birthday today. Many happy returns Mr Lee!

Some (Dracula) films: Horror of Dracula (1958); Dracula Prince of Darkness (1966); Count Dracula (1970); Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970); Scars of Dracula (1970); Dracula AD  (1972); The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973); Dracula and Son (1976)