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Well i was in Las Vegas we were searching for a place to get away from the noise, So we ducked into this bar and to the left hand side they had the House of the Dead Gauntlet.  In other words every House of the Dead Game in order with some very great Signs. (thats about 6 foot tall and some of the heads stick out 2 feet)



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  1. I used to love HotD2 on my Dreamcast back in 2000, or whenever that was out – doesn’t seem like it was almost 10 years?!

  2. House of the Dead 2 on Dreamcast!! YEESSSS!!! I totally had that fat white lightgun Jeff. Such great stuff.

    House of the Dead 4 came out a couple years ago.

  3. We had two of those lightguns. Brady, Spooky McPhee and I rockin’ the Dreamcast in the trailer during tech school.

    Tony Hawk on Dreamcast was the greatest shit ever. Ran so smooth compared to the PS1. Soul Calibur, Power Stone, SNK, Jo-Jo…

    I’ve gotta go get my Dreamcast… I think it’s at my wife’s parents house in Aurora.

  4. Did you just name drop Power Stone, SNK (Capcom vs SNK or King of Fighters?), and Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure all in one post????
    Do you realize the nerdgasm you just gave me was overwhelming and unexpected? hahahahah

    They need to get an import cabinet of Jo-Jo at my local arcades. So down for tourny’s of that. Powerstone was the blueprint to Smash Bros. by the way 😀

  5. Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure just flipped me out when I saw it. Such weird and different characters. They put that on PS2 also, right?

    I had a couple of the KOF games on Dreamcast, plus Capcom Vs SNK, Marvel Vs Capcom, even Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Plus SFA3, SF3, Project Justice, etc. Oh, and Last Blade 2!

    Let’s just say, my CD burner got a lot of use back then. (which I actually feel sort of bad about now, considering how the DC ended up)

    Now, was I any good at any of those games? No, not really! I usually set the CPU to “easy” and play through to see the different moves and endings. I like fighters a lot, but I’ve never been that great.

  6. Yep yep. I used to do that easy mode thing too. It wasn’t until maybe 2 years ago when I got serious about it as a hobby. Garou:Mark of the Wolves is coming to XBOX Live Marketplace soon!

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