Splattercast #137

Splattercast #137 is a real thriller

Splattercast #137 is up. Hit the feeds or grab the mp3 direct.

We spend the first part of the cast lamenting Michael Jackson’s passing and then move on to lamenting Michael Bay’s new Transformers movie. Then Mat leads us through an exhaustive catalog of every horror podcast he could identify. We salute all of our horror podcasting brethren!

Special thanks to T.J. for the MJ-as-podcaster image.

DVD Cover Art of the Week: Island of the Fishmen

Island of the Fishmen

Alternate (inferior) show image. Billy Mays can’t compete with the King of Pop!

Splattercast #137 alternate show image



12 Responses

  1. Planning a Jackson memorial for episode 2 as well. Can’t wait to give it a listen fellas.

  2. … Ugh! I’m getting sick of seeing nothing but Micheal Jackson on pretty much every website I go on. I’m not saying he wasn’t great but I’m getting fed up of seeing it everywhere I go.

  3. Looking forward to this one. My horror podcasting knowledge is really quite limited to the world-famous Splattercast, Horror Etc, and Mondo Movie.

  4. This is the first and only episode that I’ve listened to. I heard that you were going to be talking about some of my favorite casts. I think it’s funny that you were the ones to do this episode. After listening, I really enjoyed the history of podcasting. However, many of your editorial comments were laughable. For instance the guy who said that he hates all other horror podcasting. That’s fine, but I actually got irritated listening to you guys up until the point of the history lesson. After the history lesson, I got irritated again. Matt, Jeff, ditch the other two guys, they’re weighing you down.

  5. Thanks for giving us a try, Marcus. If you’re unfamiliar with our show, and you don’t totally hate us after #137 🙂 – I’d suggest you listen to #136, our episode on EC Comics. That was one of our better recent episodes that a lot of people seemed to like.

  6. Yes, I am an arrogant ass. And yes, our movie is shit.

    But I still think most horror podcasts blow. Listening to podcasts just ain’t my thing. Get over it, whiners.

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