Ray Bradbury: Genius, old coot

Saw this in my RSS reader today. Ray Bradbury is a great author, and we mentioned on Splattercast #136 that E.C. Comics adapted many of his stories. Doesn’t sound like he’s quite come around to the internet yet, though.

The Internet? Don’t get him started. “The Internet is a big distraction,” Mr. Bradbury barked from his perch in his house in Los Angeles, which is jammed with enormous stuffed animals, videos, DVDs, wooden toys, photographs and books, with things like the National Medal of Arts sort of tossed on a table.

“Yahoo called me eight weeks ago,” he said, voice rising. “They wanted to put a book of mine on Yahoo! You know what I told them? ‘To hell with you. To hell with you and to hell with the Internet.’

“It’s distracting,” he continued. “It’s meaningless; it’s not real. It’s in the air somewhere.”

A Yahoo spokeswoman said it was impossible to verify Mr. Bradbury’s account without more details.

Mr. Bradbury has long been known for his clear memory of some of life’s events, and that remains the case, he said. “I have total recall,” he said. “I remember being born. I remember being in the womb, I remember being inside. Coming out was great.”

Splattercast #136: The History of E.C. Comics

Splattercast #136 - EC Comics

A couple days late, but you can’t rush genius, right? Splattercast #136 is up now, so you can grab it using whichever method you prefer. Many, many thanks to Julie from 19 Nocturne Boulevard for her contributions to this episode. Thanks also to Dead Lantern bloggers Explodey Jo and Jackie for pitching in.

This week, we cover the history of E.C. comics and their famous horror comics: The Vault of Horror, Tales From the Crypt, and The Haunt of Fear. We also recreate two stories in audio drama form:

An Ample Sample written by Al Feldstein and Bill Gaines. Performed by: Jackie, Explodey Jo, T.J., Jeff, and MaT

A Stitch in Time written by Al Feldstein, Johnny Craig, and Bill Gaines. Performed by Julie from 19 Nocturne Blvd and MaT.

Remembering those 1990s MK knock-offs

Topless Robot has a fun list of The 11 Worst Mortal Kombat Rip-Offs. I actually had Bio Freaks for N64 and, at the time, I thought it was pretty fun – ah, to be young and stupid.

The link has videos for all of the games listed, including the never-released Tattoo Assassins, which is absolutely in-fucking-sane to its very core. You can get the MAME ROM on the intertubes and give it a try, although I can tell you from firsthand experience that it’s not worth the effort.

Here’s a video of BloodStorm, one of the more middle-of-the-road MK rip-offs, something that you might have actually seen in an arcade once or twice.

I would have loved to see Time Slaughter from Bloodlust Software make the list. I remember being terribly infatuated with the made-in-our-basement, silly, gory stylings of Bloodlust’s games like Time Slaughter and Executioners, despite the fact that the gameplay actually kind of sucked. On it appears you can download those older games for free.

Oh, and here’s a fun image of the Goro stop-motion model from Ed Boon’s twitter.

Goro stop-motion model


If you happen to be one of the unlucky ones that lost the FEARnet channel or never had it, I recommend that you bookmark their website. They’ve been ahead of the game on a lot of news lately, as well as posting some pretty fun blog entries and adding new pages to the site, the most recent being the Horror Addictionary.

if you’ve every wondered what to call “the death of a young attractive woman that occurs directly after bearing her breasts on screen” or want to know the meaning of the word “scameo”, check out the Horror Addictionary now!

FEARnet.com also hosts a handful of free movies to stream. Bookmark or add to your RSS feed and enjoy!

Raccoon City recreated in L4D

As we continue to debate in circles about the sequel controversy, L4D enthusiasts are continuing to enjoy the game and develop new content. (via Joystiq)

The Left 4 Dead authoring tools have been available to the public for just over a month and an aspiring game creator known as Outatime is already injecting some Resident Evil into Valve’s zombie kill-a-thon. Specifically, Outatime is creating an entire campaign based on Resdent Evil 3. One map of the campaign has already been released, Resident Evil’s legendary locale, Raccoon City. The map includes lots of twists and turns and a super spiffy rendition of the Raccoon City Police Department.

I don’t remember RE3’s levels well enough to be wowed by this recreation, aside from getting a general Raccoon City “vibe” as I watch this. Which is pretty cool, I suppose.