The Collector?

Last week I was wishy-washy on Orphan, today The Collector is out and I’m similarly uninterested. I haven’t followed any of the media on The Collector, other than it’s by some dude who did something on some Saw sequels. Or something. Whatevs.

It’s getting sort of “meh” reviews from the mainstream sources. Granted, that may not mean anything to us horror fans. I’ve seen a couple genre sites giving thumbs up in my RSS feeds today.

I dunno. Although the premise does sound interesting – a burglar breaks into a home where a Saw-esque game happens to be going down –  I’ve got some movies I need to watch for the next Splattercast, so that will take up most of my free time over the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, I hope you all have a great one! Let me know if The Collector is worth a shit if you happen to go see it. Kthnxbai.

Outpost Doom… finally?


Been a long time since an Outpost Doom update, huh?

For those of you who are new readers and don’t know, we filmed a monster movie last summer. If you’ve seen The Grand Horror then you know we take so long to release our films because we are meticulous perfectionists. Actually, we just hate the editing process. Despise it, really. Mostly because we never label our tapes and it’s a nightmare to try and go through them all. That’s the downside to being total professionals in everything we do.

I guess I can spill the beans on a crisis we had a couple weeks back since said crisis has been averted *knock on wood*. We thought we lost all of the footage. All of it. In a horrible harddrive malfunction. That would have entailed us reuploading 30+ 60 minute tapes and beginning the editing process all over again. Cardiac arrest feels awful, by the way. Fortunately, the micro-budget cinema gods were smiling upon me and I found a secondary harddrive that I had completely forgotten existed that had backups of most everything on it. Crisis averted….for now.

Beginning tomorrow, producer extraordinaire Deejay and myself will be locked in Spooky McPhee’s Mansion and/or Jeff’s house for the next few weekends completing the full edit of the film. If all goes according to plan, the final cut will be as close to finished by the end of August as is possible. From there, it’ll be up to Deejay to work on the snazzy computer fx work (yeah, you read that correctly. Funny story behind that. You’ll have to wait for the DVD commentary track, though).

Hopefully, we can get the film completely finished in time to submit it to Drunken Zombie’s film festival in November. That’s our goal, anyway. It’s too soon to tell whether or not we’ll be able to get it done in time, but if we do, Deejay, Steve, and myself plan to invade Peoria, Illinois and Splattercast the town red. We’ll see what happens, but deadlines are a good thing. It’ll keep us motivated to finish it.

A couple months back I made a comment that I was sick of people asking me when Outpost Doom would be out. Now that that the ball is rolling again, I’m going to ask all of you to keep harping on us until we get it done. E-mail us. Post on the forums. Record a comment. Pester us until our minds mentally crack under the strain. Publicly shame us on your horror podcast. Anything…just keep on our case.

I want to leave Peoria a smoldering husk of a town when we leave. Outpost Doom is going to be La Fin Absolue du Monde only with a nuclear assfart after it’s all over. Help us destroy Middle America.

NOTE: you see, being a horror filmmaker, it is ingrained into our DNA to brag about how totally and amazingly awesome our shitty movie is. Horror and Marketing screw each other every night and create glorious illusions of expectation. We’re going to blow your mind…in some respect, anyway 🙂

P.S. Glorious Illusions of Expectation is my new band name.

Splattercast #141

What a puny podcast

Splattercast #141 is up. Feed options or direct mp3

Miss Bren and Brother D from Mail Order Zombie join us in the last of our current series of guest-hosted episodes. We take a look at the Mad Max buy cialis 10mg trilogy and hash out some differing opinions on the franchise. Thanks again to everyone who’s taken the time to appear on our show in recent weeks!

Thanks also to Julie from 19 Nocturne Boulevard for sending in a voicemail with some great comments on our (infamous) rape-revenge episode from a couple weeks back.

Happy Spookymas!

Happy birthday to erstwhile Splattercast engineer Spooky McPhee. Spooky was a crucial part of getting the show off the ground in the early days and he continues to help us out whenever we have a technical question. Have a great day, Spooky!

On the fence about Orphan

I’ve been starved for movies to go see in the theater this summer so I’m sort of tempted to go see Orphan, which opens today.

The reviews are sort of “meh,” although Ebert seems to like it a lot.

You want a good horror film about a child from hell, you got one. – Roger Ebert on Orphan

Then I remind myself that I don’t really care what Ebert thinks. I guess I treat his opinions like I do some of my other film snob friends. Meaning, if he says something is good, then I will put some stock in that opinion because he “knows his stuff” and has high standards. On the other hand, if he says something is bad, I can’t really take that to heart because I like plenty of “bad” movies.

Any of you guys gonna check out Orphan?