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Monthly Archives: July 2009

The Collector?

Last week I was wishy-washy on Orphan, today The Collector is out and I’m similarly uninterested. I haven’t followed any of the media on The Collector, other than it’s by some dude who did something on some Saw sequels. Or something. Whatevs. It’s getting sort of “meh” reviews from the mainstream sources. Granted, that may not mean […]

Outpost Doom… finally?

Been a long time since an Outpost Doom update, huh? For those of you who are new readers and don’t know, we filmed a monster movie last summer. If you’ve seen The Grand Horror then you know we take so long to release our films because we are meticulous perfectionists. Actually, we just hate the […]

Lee Perkins talks Slime City Massacre

Pal of the site Lee Perkins passed along this video of him talking about the upcoming Slime City Massacre, the sequel to Greg Lamberson’s 1988 cult flick Slime City. We will certainly be watching this when it comes out and wish the filmmakers the best of luck.

Only Good Movies’ Top 100 Killers

Review site Only Good Movies has published a list of their Top 100 Movie Killers. As part of their list, they linked each entry to a different site’s piece on that particular movie/character, which is a nifty idea. For their entry on Peter Neal from Tenebrae, they linked to Explodey Jo’s video nasties post on […]

Splattercast #141

Splattercast #141 is up. Feed options or direct mp3 Miss Bren and Brother D from Mail Order Zombie join us in the last of our current series of guest-hosted episodes. We take a look at the Mad Max trilogy and hash out some differing opinions on the franchise. Thanks again to everyone who’s taken the […]