Splattercast #141

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Miss Bren and Brother D from Mail Order Zombie join us in the last of our current series of guest-hosted episodes. We take a look at the Mad Max buy cialis 10mg trilogy and hash out some differing opinions on the franchise. Thanks again to everyone who’s taken the time to appear on our show in recent weeks!

Thanks also to Julie from 19 Nocturne Boulevard for sending in a voicemail with some great comments on our (infamous) rape-revenge episode from a couple weeks back.



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  1. Something I totally forgot to mention in relation to Thunderdome. I hate when post-apocalyptic movies have little societies run by children. It’s totally unbelievable to me. That shit would be Lord of the Flies in every respect. No way do a bunch of little fugly brats create socialist utopia.

  2. But didn’t the kids have some super-Hippy woman helping them out? My memories of “Thunderdome” are so fuzzy from having only watched it a handful of times. My money, and love, is irreversably attached to “Road Warrior”.

  3. I forgot to point out that scene were the chick leader of the kids gets spread eagle across the 2 sections of the train as it separates.

    Thats hot.

  4. They have a teenage chick “leading” them. Unfortunately, it’s established that all of them have been there a long time, which means she would have been really young when the adults first left.

    I don’t buy it at all.

  5. And I forgot to mention that the final scene of ‘Mad Max’ helped to give inspiration to James Wan and Leigh Whannel for their ‘Saw’ short, which is another reason why ‘Mad Max’ is such an important movie, right MaT? 🙂

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