The Collector?

Last week I was wishy-washy on Orphan, today The Collector is out and I’m similarly uninterested. I haven’t followed any of the media on The Collector, other than it’s by some dude who did something on some Saw sequels. Or something. Whatevs.

It’s getting sort of “meh” reviews from the mainstream sources. Granted, that may not mean anything to us horror fans. I’ve seen a couple genre sites giving thumbs up in my RSS feeds today.

I dunno. Although the premise does sound interesting – a burglar breaks into a home where a Saw-esque game happens to be going down –  I’ve got some movies I need to watch for the next Splattercast, so that will take up most of my free time over the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, I hope you all have a great one! Let me know if The Collector is worth a shit if you happen to go see it. Kthnxbai.



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  1. Spontaneously went to the movies today hoping they were playing this but no dice. Didn’t even bother on watching anything else since the only playing is shit.

  2. For what its worth, moviegoers are giving both Orphan and Collector a fresh rating on rotten tomatoes.

  3. I think I’m gonna go to The Collector at 4:55pm tomorrow (Monday). My wife & daughter will be out of town, so I can hit a movie on my own time. I’ll give a quickie review on the Splattercast.

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