Respectable Horror Sequels

Rotten Tomatoes have a cool feature on horror sequels. It’s a shame they only focus on second instalments, because I’d argue that Nightmare on Elm St Part 3 should be up there with Evil Dead II, and Day of the Dead deserves more praise than Dawn. Also Scream II has no place on any ‘best of’ list.

Ah, sequels. These days, they pop up everywhere — theaters, television, video store shelves — but once upon a time, they were viewed as an undignified exercise, suitable mainly for pulpy matinee flicks. Like horror movies, for instance — which is why, as Rob Zombie’s sequel to his Halloween reboot, the fittingly titled Halloween II, arrives in theaters this weekend, we decided now would be a great time to give the Total Recall treatment to some of the more noteworthy second installments in the history of good old-fashioned eye-coverin’, goose-pimplin’, edge-of-your-seat cinema. Pull the shades, dim the lights, and join us as we count down 10 of the most critically respected horror deuces a film fan could ask for!



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    FRIDAY THE 13th – PART 2 (i love Potatosack-Jason…)


    PHANTASM 2 (my favourite of that Series)

  2. Dittos on Hellraiser 2 and Phantasm 2. I like Halloween 2 (not the Zombie one). Final Destination 2 is my favorite of that series. Um… what else… Prom Night 2 is… nevermind 🙂

  3. I’m glad I’m your favorite, KC. Maybe we could do a spin-off, short-form podcast together. We could call it “Gaying it up with Jeff and KC” or something. Whaddya think?

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