Dead Ending from Retro Horror Remix

Dead EndingA while back we covered the showing of Return to Horror House here in Lincoln. Now Retro Horror Remix is back with another short film. It’s called Dead Ending and it’s free to download. The director, Dustin Ferguson, describes it as an “homage to the old cheap black and white horror/scifi flicks. It’s Night of The Living Dead meets Day of The Triffids.”

The film is playing on channel 13 this Saturday night at 10:30pm. Dustin also reports that his next film, The Skunkape Story (a bigfoot docudrama) should finish filming in November, with a Joyo screening to follow this Spring.

Sounds great to me, Dustin! Keep up the good work. Lincoln horror represent!

Left 4 800msp?


So I wake up this morning all excited to download Crash Course only to find to my dismay that it’s listed at 800 greedysoft points. Microsoft is , but are recommending you hold off on purchasing it until the price drops in your area.

Hopefully this will be fixed before Borp and I started destroying shit in a couple hours.

New Nightmare on Elm St. Trailer and Teaser Poster


Are you psyched? Because I’ve got half a chub over this new Nightmare on Elm St. with Jackie Earle Haley. Obviously Scott Mendelson from the Huffington post doesn’t have the same south of the border sensation and hasn’t seen the Friday the 13th remake. Because if that is any indication Michael Bay/Samuel Bayer’s re-imagining of ANOES then there will probably be cherry-picked elements from a few of the past Nightmares involved in this film (Brecken Meyer Power Glove not included). Somewhat indicated in the trailer, I’m guessing a little lady is going to be painting the walls and ceiling arterial red on Elm St. It’s too bad they don’t make as many waterbeds as they used to in the 80’s.

I will say the underbite speech impediment is a bit odd as well as the trailer not hinting at any of Krueger’s Pun-ishingly dark ribs at his victims. This could be a dark, straight-faced Nightmare. For this fan’s sake…hopefully not all serious.

What do YOU think?

Thanks to @Kingmob6 for reminding me to post this!

Trick ‘r Treat’in on Splattercast 150: Get your lists in!


The last film on my list of things to watch in preparation for tomorrow’s “All-Decade List” Splattercast was Trick ‘r Treat, the much celebrated anthology-esque flick by Michael Dougherty that was infamously shelved by Warner Bros. for 2 years. Like most people, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Enough to put it on my list of the best horror films of the decade? You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to submit your list to before 9pm central time tomorrow. We’ll be reading our listeners selections and then each Splattercast member will be giving our own personal lists. Hopefully there will be some great debate 🙂

Don’t watch the Paranormal Activity trailer

You heard me. Don’t watch it.

Why? Because a major moment in the film is revealed in the trailer. It’s best you go into this movie knowing, and seeing, nothing about it. If you watch the trailer, you are going to potentially have an expectation of an image or two in your mind that are crucial to the climax of the film. Sorta the same way that Quarantine used a major shot from the film’s finale in the marketing campaign.  Once it’s in your head, you’ll sort of be “waiting” for that moment to occur instead of being shocked to see it.

Do not watch the Paranormal Activity trailer.

Jeff and I will slurp this movie until our jaws fall off on Monday’s Splattercast.