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Are you psyched? Because I’ve got half a chub over this new Nightmare on Elm St. with Jackie Earle Haley. Obviously Scott Mendelson from the Huffington post doesn’t have the same south of the border sensation and hasn’t seen the Friday the 13th remake. Because if that is any indication Michael Bay/Samuel Bayer’s re-imagining of ANOES then there will probably be cherry-picked elements from a few of the past Nightmares involved in this film (Brecken Meyer Power Glove not included). Somewhat indicated in the trailer, I’m guessing a little lady is going to be painting the walls and ceiling arterial red on Elm St. It’s too bad they don’t make as many waterbeds as they used to in the 80’s.

I will say the underbite speech impediment is a bit odd as well as the trailer not hinting at any of Krueger’s Pun-ishingly dark ribs at his victims. This could be a dark, straight-faced Nightmare. For this fan’s sake…hopefully not all serious.

What do YOU think?

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  1. I think a serious Freddy would be awesome. The annoying wise cracking Freddy from later films was the one that made check something else out.

  2. Trailer looked cool I guess. I just hope they don’t make it too teenie bopper. I noticed alot of the dude in there and not just Nancy. The only thing that worried me about the trailer were those two scary words, “MICHAEL-BAY”.

  3. I was reading some place that they plan on using kills from all of the Nightmare films, kinda of like a greatest hits.

  4. Looks like it could be good, but I’m going to have a hard time not thinking of the originals. With Jason it wasn’t hard, because no matter what he looks like a guy in a mask. This time there’s a different voice/face, so it’ll be hard to forget Robert Englund.

  5. Eh, it’s a trailer I guess. That Freddy voice sounds awful to me.

    Oh, and FYI: there is supposed to be no humor from Freddy in this movie. The hook is that he actually DIDN’T kill children and was wrongfully murdered by the parents, thus he comes back angry and, supposedly, scary.

  6. What the hell did I just watch? He wasnt remotely scary. He looked & sounded like special ed kid playing dress up 🙁 I kinda liked the intro where hes yelling that hes innocent. Everything else though, god awful. And if they have any sense, they will remove the redux shots (like nancy in the bathtub) because they looked sooo inferior and those who know the original will keep being reminded of it.

  7. Michael Bay is definatily one of the worst directors in Hollywood. But Platinum Dunes makes some pretty good remakes. Besides, who doesn’t want to watch Rorschach go crazy killin’ kids? I think the concept behind Freddy is good enough to deserve a reimagining. But we’ll see when the movie comes out if it’s any good.

  8. Everyone realizes Michael Bay isn’t directing this right? I keep hearing how Michael Bay’s name is turning people away. He owns the company that did it. He’s not directing it.

    the only thing that bothered me was his voice like Mat said. Freddy should have a gravely voice not a whiny one.

  9. This looks scary… I think a killer that comes out of your dreams and kills you could be cool. Looks like his face is all burned and gross looking. Does he only kill people with those claws or does he use a butcher knife or a machete too?

  10. I think Freddy would’ve looked better if he was slimier like in the original one. Since this is supposed to be a darker and scarier Freddy instead of a whimsical Freddy, why not go all out and make him look nasty?

    Still, like I said the trailer looked okay to me. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint me like F13 did. I’m a big fan of the TCM remake, so my hopes for this are quite up there.

    I agree with born2kill on the intro. That was my fav part of the trailer.

  11. Goddamn it. Every time I open my pc freezes because I guess it’s trying to “load” this fucking myspace trailer.

    The Hitcher was a brutally awful Platinum Dunes remake. Sorry, Borp. That movie just sucks balls 🙂 The Amityville Horror, TCM: The Beginning, and The Unborn were also PD productions that sucked ass.

  12. I’ve been having the same problem as MaT. I run Ubuntu/Linux on my main computer and thought that have been the reason, but I switched to my Vista PC and it’s doing the same thing.

  13. MySpace sucks, can we all agree on that finally?

    As for Nightmare, not impressed yet. Probably get around to renting it eventually, but it looks like they’re doing reshots of a lot of scenes from the original. Nope, I don’t like the odds, not betting on this one.

  14. So Freddy Krueger finally found my greatest fear, he looks like a real burn victim as opposed to a guy in make up. Also unlike some goof above me, I like that they’re using kills from the original. That’s what makes it a remake as opposed to a reimagening or whatever.

    Overall I’d say I’m curious but still need that something that hooks me.

  15. There’s no reason to see kills you’ve already seen. Were they done wrong the first time? Do they need to be “fixed”? And if so, why were you interested in them in the first place?

    It’s not “reimagining”, it’s “no imagining” as in “somebody else did the work for them already”. First reward the innovators, not the imitators.

  16. Jeff just hit it on the nose, fucking Dramarama~!!!!

    As for “somebody else did the work for them”, that’s fine. As long as it looks good, I don’t mind a makeover.

  17. @Altered Heretic

    It is being billed as a reimagining actually. And the problem with recreating shots/kills so closely is that it can really distract the audience. You lose all the suspense and immersivenss when you get those “oooo i remember that” moments, and of course draw unwanted comparisons to the classic. Unless they can really top the original scene, they are best to do it differently. Not drastically different necessarily, but enough that you dont force them to think about a different movie.

    It really had my attention in the beginning where Freddy is being chased, but totally lost me with scenes like Nancy in the tub. I saw the old movie in my head and was taken out of the new one completely.

    Also, something else I didnt like was the Freddy hat. It was the same as Robert Englund’s, but it looked really out of place. Anyone else got that??

  18. I don’t know if there’s much that could “take me out” of a movie like this, because I don’t think Elm St is going to pull me in like, say, Paranormal Activity did. I’m just excited to go see Freddy do his thing up on the big screen. I’m interested to see the old formula done with modern effects.

    If they’re really doing an innocent Kruger angle, that’s a good twist on the story, but other than that, here’s what’s going to happen: We’ll have a group of 4-6 lead teenagers, 4-5 of them will get killed, there will be some final beat like a light turning on in a dollhouse or maybe something less subtle, to indicate that Freddy’s still around. Roll credits. – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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