Splattercast #150

Splattercast #150

Splattercast #150 is up!

Holy crap, we’ve been doing this for 150 episodes? Surely somebody should have pulled the plug by now! We mark the occasion by listing our favorite films of the past 10 years, and also read several lists submitted by listeners. Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in a list.



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  1. A.F.I’s best albums were Answer That & Stay Fashionable” and “Very Proud Of Ya”. For me, after that it was all downhill…

  2. Jolly good show, gang. I liked it a whole group of bananas.

    Didn’t the superband, Son Of Sam, have member from AFI? That was a good album too.

  3. Long time writer, first time listener. I am taking my brother to see Paranormal Activity. Very stoked!

    By the way, DJ is a hero among men. He deals with his reading difficulties every day (DAMN YOU SUBTITLES!). Eternal Sunshine is a movie about having your memories and thus your identity ripped from you unwillingly. Watch it again. It could easily be a twilight zone episode, and I understand how it could be interpreted as horror. Could it give people nightmares? Absolutely. Does it have despair, fear, and struggling? Yep.

    A good plan goes horribly wrong. It’s a classic premise!

  4. I liked Eight Legged Freaks fine as a monster movie… just not enough to make a “best-of” list. It was a fun movie.

  5. Lads

    Fantastic episode. I always enjoy list episodes as they invoke great convo..’that sucks’…’no, it’s great’. MaT has no love for The Strangers as it was read from my list…then it pops up immediately on the next list 🙂 And MaT..you say the twist is obvious in Identity, I take it a step further, the TITLE gives the movie away. Still it’s very well put together.

    The other thing about list shows, they give you some title you either haven’t heard of or haven’t seen in ages…time to check some stuff out. Thanks a bunch everyone! B

  6. Jeff – I only added it to my list because it’s one of only a few movies htat’s actually made me jump or shocked me if you knwo what I mean.
    You wouldn’t mind if I posted my recording I emailed you guys as an actual episode for my podcast site would you?
    Heck if you could email me a promo or something for Deadlantern I’ll glady stick it in there somewhere.

  7. Sure, dude, you can do whatever you like.

    I don’t think we have any promos. We should really have a couple of those canned but we’re notoriously disorganized. I’ll get Steve to record some in his sultry southern drawl while he’s here this week.

  8. Hell it could be just ‘stop listening to this crap and listen to our crap instead’ or something along those lines. I don’t plan on posting it until next week so if you want to do something as a group I don’t mind waiting at all.

  9. Just email me something so I can link it to the site ok. That’s all I need. I doubt I’ll post it before the end of October as I’ve still got two episodes ready to post online. Just Trying to spread them out so to speak.

  10. My co-host pointed out you read my list or as you guys called it ‘The Joke List’. Can’ believe I missed it first time round and also what’s wrong with House Of The Dead? You see the chick from Smallville getting gag raped by zombies what’ wrong with that?

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