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  1. I liked the Daybreakers trailer immediately for using the Placebo cover of “Running Up That Hill”. It also, inconsequentially, looks really good.
    There’s a lot of pretty good looking stuff coming out in 2010 actually.

  2. The new podcast sounds great. I’ll throw my hat into the ring as guest host sometime. So since you’re going all “User Participation” for this cast how about hosting a viewing of said movies on Netflix Instant Watch Party before the cast?

  3. Another great show. The one thing I would have liked to hear would have been some predictions on what the new year would hold for horror.

  4. Bryan: Great idea on the netflix instant viewing thing. If a particular film is available, we’ll certainly look into that. I have a feeling that most of the obscure 80’s stuff won’t be on there. Plus, Borp’s Swedish and they’ve outlawed Netflix there 🙂

    Bleak: yeah, well, we didn’t prepare at all for this last show, you’re lucky you got the content that you did 🙂

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