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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Steve noticed this on a Swedish wikipedia page last night…

Click for a closer look.


Whether or not you like Barack Obama, his Q&A session with a room full of nothing but elected Republicans asking him any question they want was apparently the first time this has ever happened in front of television cameras. It was basicaly a town hall with the whole audience being elected Republicans.  Again, putting aside […]

Women of Horror #101: Irene Ware

A couple flicks: Chandu the Magician (1932) and The Raven (1935)

Free advanced tickets to Adam Green’s Frozen this Thursday.

I scored two free tickets to an advanced screening of Adam Green’s cool looking flick “Frozen”. Problem is, it’s in Texas. Dallas, to be exact. Thursday, February 4th at the The Grand 24 AMC Theater (7:30pm.) If we have a listener or reader in the Dallas area who would want to free tickets courtesy of […]

Merry Deejmas!

I almost forgot to wish a happy birthday to the one and only Deejay!