Whether or not you like Barack Obama, his Q&A session with a room full of nothing but elected Republicans asking him any question they want was apparently the first time this has ever happened in front of television cameras. It was basicaly a town hall with the whole audience being elected Republicans.ย  Again, putting aside whether or not you like the guy or his policies, if you are just fascinated by politics or a student of political history, this was definitely worth watching.

Either Republican leaders are stupid, or Barack Obama “won” the day because the consensus is he came out pretty well in this. I’d like to see this kind ofย  thing all the time. It’s one thing I’d like to see America adopt from England, questioning the leader and what not.ย  And he didn’t even need a teleprompter ๐Ÿ™‚

Free advanced tickets to Adam Green’s Frozen this Thursday.

I scored two free tickets to an advanced screening of Adam Green’s cool looking flick “Frozen”. Problem is, it’s in Texas.

Dallas, to be exact. Thursday, February 4th at the The Grand 24 AMC Theater (7:30pm.)

If we have a listener or reader in the Dallas area who would want to free tickets courtesy of the Splattercast, shoot me an e-mail at

First come, first serve.

Worldwake prerelease weekend

This coming weekend is the prerelease for the new Magic set, Worldwake. Unofficial sources have full spoilers. I’m sure the official spoiler will catch up by the weekend.

I’m planning to go to tournaments on both Saturday and Sunday here in Lincoln. The worldwide player base is up and more stores are getting the opportunity to do prereleases. I’m excited to support a new location for Magic here in town on Sunday, in addition to going to the big event at the more established shop on Saturday.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game and you have access to an Xbox 360, I heartily recommend the Live Arcade version of the game, Duels of the Planeswalkers. It’s an excellent introduction and will teach you all the basics in a pretty fun package.

The Most Dangerous Game: Horror Podcasting

Note that I speak for myself here and my opinions/comments in no way reflect the other Splattercast co-hosts. This is going to be a really long commentary on all sorts of things podcasting related. It meanders, but I don’t care. You’ve been warned ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s an amusing documentary called Dig! which is about two bands that loved each other: The Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Once the Warhols got a sweet major label record deal and got popular, BJM turned against them and now they are mortal enemies. You’d think it would be easy to root for people you like, but it seems many people are hardwired for jealousy and envy.

About a year ago there was this thing called the Horror Podcasting Network. You might remember it. There were big plans for it. We even put on a Left 4 Dead Night. The idea was to get all of the horror podcasts together in one big spot for self promotion and to grow the community. It was a good idea and concept. Unfortunately, the guy who started it was a dickhead whiner that went behind my back and started saying false shit about the Splattercast to other podcasts causing me to go Super Saiyan. I’m the kind of person that once I’ve been crossed, there’s no going back. Any further interaction with me will not have a happy ending. I had actually written up a long statement that fully explained everything that happened with HPN (and which I just went back and reread for nostalgia) and planned on posting it to DL only to have multiple other podcasts request that I not do that for fear that it would make all of HPN look bad. Fine. A 2nd attempt was then made to bring HPN back from the ashes. A few podcasts attempted to pick up the pieces (us included) and spent a lot of work drafting up a charter and whatnot to hopefully avoid that situation in the future. Unfortunately, more drama occurred when some of the podcasts who weren’t directly involved in creating the charter felt slighted and started more nonsense (good news, I wasn’t responsible for that one! lol). In the end, the whole thing crashed and burned in a fiery inferno of hurt feelings, dismissive attitudes, and high school bickering.

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